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  1. My roof needs to be replaced with doublechests full of rotten flesh. Only then will it return to being my house.
  2. If nobody knows I built a nether portal house thing on an island ~1000 blocks south of my former house, which I will (quite) eventually turn into something like Cheyenne mountain from Stargate, with the nether portal in the gate room. Just saying, in case someone needs to know. FTFY - Dlur Edit: Hey, it ain't that bad... just the roof is almost completely destroyed..
  3. You should add to the description of WNEfficiency that you can find info on WN8 there, or add a separate link to the wiki. Nice list otherwise
  4. Perfect, is there any way for you to lock someone's rep?
  5. Always a good sign when a device gives you "ý6NZèSHH6NZèSHHý6NZ" and stops functioning.

  6. It involved ignorance, permissions and lightning. Let's leave it at that.
  7. rip my home. i'm a fucking idiot >_>
  8. Nope, pretty sure it's automatic and on by default.
  9. IIRC there's a Turbo Boost feature in Intel CPUs that increases your frequency under certain conditions. Edit: Ninja'd
  10. Maximum XVM camo?

    1. Cool_Man


      Pretty close. Still hoping I can get more before it wears off xD

  11. The table at http://www.wnefficiency.net/ is easier to use for expected values.
  12. Anybody else in a certain part of Ontario quickly lose and regain power just now?

    1. SULOMON


      Same thing literally just happened to me near Dallas Texas.

  13. Spinning long objects is fun, but I can't do it very quickly :/ Also Nichijou is the best.
  14. deetz

    World of Codes

    Welp, late to everything... I probably would have started playing again if I redeemed a few of these, though. Bullet dodged?
  15. deetz

    Ip Man

    I've seen both, but for the first, there were no subs and my chinese friend was just telling me what was going on occasionally, so it was pretty much just fighting for me. However, learning what the first was about I'd think the second was more enjoyable.
  16. Not yet, I hope we can become as good as IOC someday
  17. Yes please. I don't play anymore, so I'd rather show off my SerBness.
  18. Everything you post seriously confuses the hell out of me.
  19. deetz

    Karl.... WTF?

    Does NA even get it? :|
  20. Permanently banned for calling SerB ugly.
  21. Are Canadians going to be banned on July 1?
  22. Glad to see we're always pushing towards better methods of measuring player skill.
  23. I'd start building my stargate base if my Internet would let me be on the server without teleporting around and clipping through the ground
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