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  1. WG should replace everybody's loadouts in every tank with full premium for gold tomorrow. Credit saving, comrade!

    1. Hyttech


      What about those who don't have gold?

    2. TheMostComfortableTanker


      Best April fools would be announcing a free ASIA→NA transfer event, or at least an Aussie server

    3. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      I'll do you one better: RU→NA transfer

      There's definitely potential for lulz in that.

  2. The timestamps on this page confuse me.
  3. By service rating do you mean the WG one? If so, why would you recruit by that? >_>
  4. <Insert ironic comment implying lack of creativity>
  5. 99% no, but I guess you can't know unless you've tried. Also, I think it's a cause, as WoTLabs was created by NA players and initially populated by mostly NA players.
  6. It's probably cave view that's eating the most resources, and we shouldn't even have had it from the start... *cough* Android *cough*
  7. Watching Oreimo felt like running a marathon with a massive weight tied to my ankle.
  8. I'm not retarded, I just don't have a mouse :(

  9. I usually pick an avatar because I like the image, but I guess a big part of it is what's been mentioned many times in this thread; connecting with a fanbase. Still, it's usually just me seeing something and thinking "That would be a great avatar."
  10. THIS STORY CENTERS AROUND A NEET But I'll get by with Nisekoi as a leftover and Hanamonogatari. Hopefully more will look interesting.
  11. I don't, I just play osu and minecraft now. I was doing better than I ever was before, then I just didn't feel like playing. I just stopped having fun, I guess.
  12. Are you Unable to connect to the Internet?

  13. "The article content of this page came from Wikipedia and is governed by CC-BY-SA." the fuck

  14. The forum search is kind of shit; try googling "wotlabs xyz"
  15. deetz

    RIP Oculus Rift

    Oh no, I'm definitely on the same page as you; I just want to hold out a little before losing all hope for this :/
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