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    RIP Oculus Rift

    Huh.. It still might be too early to tell how this is going to turn out, though.
  2. I saw a sela on gateworld.. Is that by any chance you?
  3. Android is working on an iron foundry last I saw, although there is a slight problem with the villagers in the two closest villages being wiped out, so it's very difficult to get villagers there to create an artificial village. It's the giant netherrack thing near the stronghold leading to the ender-ender. EDIT: Looks like he got the villagers there, but it's slow.
  4. Don't worry, I've got a couple ideas for after the railroads Just need a means of getting the materials.
  5. It has been suggested to me that the best way to get mad goaldz is to farm it from zombie pigmen, so I'll be trying to make a farm.
  6. Hey Gash, do you mind if I build a railroad linking spawn and the ender-ender, eventually reaching lots of important/useful places? It's the best way I can think of to be useful >_>
  7. Those recent stats are broken actually, on his stats page they're his 24 hour stats and his recent stats, with 17 battles. EDIT: His whole stats page looks broken actually.
  8. I would put my M103 radley's here but it didn't save (((((
  9. The thing is with that, it IS actually possible to get 3x unicums and carry hard. In HB it's possible that it will be very difficult to coordinate with your teammates (assuming no queue timing w/ friends). The few battles I've had, I've been completely ignored, and my teammates yolo'd or decided to do something retarded. In pub matches the teams are more likely to be evenly matched, due to the random nature of the matchmaker as well as having 15 people on each side. However, I just realized that it's much easier to time it so you get in a battle with friends, with the low queue numbers an
  10. I can already say that this gamemode isn't too fun. Tried playing a JT, the other JT and a Panther drowned, leaving me with a Pz IV H who was too retarded to fire a shot. I then proceeded to get swarmed by the T-34-85s. Fighting tier 5s and 6s with multiple tier 9s, however, ridiculous in its own way. It is also way too dependent on who has the least retarded team; If you're on the German side with 3 tanks and an important one is retarded, gg.
  11. I dunno what's going on with whitelisting (I asked an OP to whitelist me through the map). However, holy shit! I have never leveled up so quickly. it's quite a lot faster than the double-spider spawner xp generator, given that you don't need to wait for a new "load" to start punching in there. Also, free ender pearls! EDIT: Well, technically there IS a load, but it's larger, and replenishes much quicker. And it's automatic, as well.
  12. You should look into some sort of a usergroup plugin, would be useful for having more people who can whitelist without having other commands, among other things. There are a good lot of people who want to be whitelisted on a regular basis. Also, anybody know exactly how the server gets the bar rating beside people's names in the tab menu?
  13. Anyway I'm sorry, but that just happens to be how I feel about it. What do you think?

  14. The one good thing about building close to spawn I guess.
  15. fuck artykoitrfseghcfvnbetsrdhtjyguhmhbjg,k./;.,bmjnhfcgbxdfvzdzfgxhcjvk,bk.hlj/;

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      4.5k spotting damage, 48 damage. yolo carry cut short because lolarty

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  16. Hmm, I'm no longer on the whitelist either. could I please be re-added? (de3tz, not deetz just in case)
  17. You could definitely check out M--M. Come on to our TS or PM someone important. Alternatively, you could take a look at FOXEY once you've got a couple more 10's. You're pretty much at their requirements.
  18. Yeah, I think M--M's requirements have increased a bit, and you actually need high tier tonks + blue recent (or close). Definitely check out M-I-T and see if you could benefit from it or fit in. Perhaps PM a recruiter or hop on our TS and talk with some people to see if you'll fit in?
  19. That prank reminds me of this image:
  20. You'll still have the items you had before a certain point (right after Terra killed the Ender Dragon, I think), but any progress made after that is gone.
  21. That sig is as black as the void that is undoubtedly in his head.
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