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  1. I'll just blur my eyes every time I pass an anime-related discussion.
  2. I'm going to have gray hair by the time I get into the test server...

  3. And, the problem seems to fixed now. The progress is probably gone (Unless you put it in a chest), but player data seems to be being stored again.
  4. The whitelist was wiped, probably from some related problem.
  5. It's alright guys, I have confirmed to 9 degrees of freedom that OP is not linked at all to NTR!
  6. no spoilers, please, this is a currently running series and I'm only half way through >_>
  7. I just got kicked from the server with a ReadTimeoutException... It brought me back to an earlier state, and I lost a diamond pick with two good enchantments (efficiency and unbreaking at high levels), as well as 3-4 stacks of obsidian.. it didn't happen to anybody else. I dunno if I can be reimbursed at all for this, but it's just weird how it only happened to me.
  8. deetz


    I'm now down to 90% sure this thread was just a disposable joke.
  9. Your stats would indicate that you do not yet have a decent grasp of game mechanics. I think this guide should only be done if you've reached yellow/green recent. Play some mid tier until you've grasped it mentally. Then continue grinding the line. What I did was mess around playing random tanks I found fun, working out a few kinks along the way, then when I reached light green recent, I decided to be serious about a line, and saw rapid improvement. This is where I am after reaching the 10. Unless you're playing arty. I don't even know if it makes a difference.
  10. You didn't chase me away, I lost connection and my dog subsequently threw up
  11. Welp... someone is screwing with me via the Map chat and they refuse to tell me who they are.. Android connected by some 3G link is currently my best guess. Edit: Yep, 99% sure it's Android.
  12. I'm pretty sure HAMI is just a bunch of unicums paid by one guy to pad his w/r and shit.
  13. IIRC Armoured Warfare will run on CryEngine, are you sure about that?
  14. It might be the combined effect of your post being pointless and Rexxie not liking your avatar.
  15. How does this work on maps like Karelia? What I usually do there is rush the donut and do things there. It works fine for me, but you can hardly retreat without taking a massive beating to the rear and probably dying...
  16. I just tried to mute my laptop's fan, what the hell is wrong with me

  17. I might get back into this game... RIP ego and mediocre stats.

  18. I think Never's access is only in-game, and you can't log in, so....
  19. I think Gash should give someone in a different time zone access to restart it, if possible. Like Never.
  20. Good thing Gash is asleep now... I think.. >_>
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