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  1. I just got kicked from the server with a ReadTimeoutException... It brought me back to an earlier state, and I lost a diamond pick with two good enchantments (efficiency and unbreaking at high levels), as well as 3-4 stacks of obsidian.. it didn't happen to anybody else.


    I dunno if I can be reimbursed at all for this, but it's just weird how it only happened to me.

  2. This is of great interest to me. I have intentionally held myself at T6 out of respect to the vastly more skilled players who populate T10.

    Tell me more, please.

     Your stats would indicate that you do not yet have a decent grasp of game mechanics. I think this guide should only be done if you've reached yellow/green recent. Play some mid tier until you've grasped it mentally. Then continue grinding the line. 


    What I did was mess around playing random tanks I found fun, working out a few kinks along the way, then when I reached light green recent, I decided to be serious about a line, and saw rapid improvement. This is where I am after reaching the 10.


    Unless you're playing arty. I don't even know if it makes a difference.

  3. Welp... someone is screwing with me via the Map chat and they refuse to tell me who they are..


    Android connected by some 3G link is currently my best guess.


    Edit: Yep, 99% sure it's Android.

  4. In a medium, you ALWAYS give yourself a route to retreat safely (to do aggresive spotting and early damage)


    How does this work on maps like Karelia? What I usually do there is rush the donut and do things there. It works fine for me, but you can hardly retreat without taking a massive beating to the rear and probably dying...

  5. Playing like a bitch does not mean camp hard and get nothing done for me, thats not what I mean.


    It means get to cover when your sixth sense pops up, get in cover when guns are pointed at you, dont drive into that forest full of TDs, dont 1v1 that heavy.


    You just spot, let pubbies run into each other and work the enemies when they are distracted. You change angles of approach, flanks, etc.


    That is playing like a bitch for me. Everyone on the enemy team should curse you cause you just found another spot where you can pummel them from.


    But English is not my native tongue, who knows what bitch means to you. ;)


    But like that you're still in some way creating the opportunities.

  6. Just my opinion, but I think we should try to keep this to just WoTLabs and not to the main MC forums. It's nice only playing with the people here, and I'd personally prefer not having random 12 year olds reading the main MC forums hopping on and doing whatever.

  7. Myself, Deetz, and Eagle_peak were mining last night... and we found an INVINVIBLE ZOMBIE! seriously, it wouldn't take damage. we all died like 3 times each from it before finally locking it out :-/


    Actually Eagle managed to kill it somehow.. but before, we were all swinging at it and nothing was happening. There was also another invincible zombie in my home. It disappeared when I warped to spawn and /home'd, though.

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