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  1. But like that you're still in some way creating the opportunities.
  2. Just my opinion, but I think we should try to keep this to just WoTLabs and not to the main MC forums. It's nice only playing with the people here, and I'd personally prefer not having random 12 year olds reading the main MC forums hopping on and doing whatever.
  3. Actually Eagle managed to kill it somehow.. but before, we were all swinging at it and nothing was happening. There was also another invincible zombie in my home. It disappeared when I warped to spawn and /home'd, though.
  4. Yesterday I found a weird cliff edge that looked chopped, and I found a ravine thing in the side of it, right next to the ocean but without water flowing in for some reason. I have plans to turn this ravine into a weird crammed underwater city thing.
  5. My deathcount is probably already the highest.
  6. Sweet, I'll hop on in a bit. Thanks for all the work!
  7. What dirtd0g said is a good idea, but try not to get caught up playing only tier 5's. When you feel like you're performing at a significantly higher level than before, I'd suggest immediately trying to apply it to high tiers, making the necessary changes in your play and working out the subtler points. Pretty much Kewei's way with a little bit before.
  8. So basically the lesson here is "It's a game, just have fun"?
  9. I would assume if there's a ridiculous number you can make it fine by adding a 0.
  10. The green numbers are for 1250 WN8, or the bottom for green WN8. http://www.targetdamage.com/faq2 EDIT: also: RTFM
  11. IIRC the WN8 for getting all expected values was 1500, so purple requires you to perform at 1.566x times the expected values. He rounds up or down a bit, so if my calculations aren't wrong whoever made the website is right.
  12. I think the values are almost spot-on in terms of WN8, as just above 1800 will get you light purple in the Pershing. Seems like an interesting tool might take occasional looks. Will at least save me from spending a few seconds calculating it myself when I want to.
  13. There is already a thread about this but this information is not there.
  14. I think he meant to ask how the depression being less by 1 affected the tank. EDIT: Or maybe he didn't
  15. Are you going to copy over any of the old map?
  16. Do we live in the same GTA? Just in Yorkdale mall every fucking fat oversized girl was wearing yoga pants. Every other girl as well, with a few exceptions. Maybe it's just me but I see it a lot.
  17. But.. but.. with the 12.8 you're pretty much a shittier Maus...
  18. Ok. When I saw it it was just "wat " But if you understand it now that's fine.
  19. Umm... Either I'm crazy, or you just edited that in.
  20. The LKP markers had to have been on the screen at some point, when the enemies were lit up. Unless you're saying the minimap is not on the screen?
  21. The minimap is on your screen.
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