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  1. Yesterday I found a weird cliff edge that looked chopped, and I found a ravine thing in the side of it, right next to the ocean but without water flowing in for some reason.


    I have plans to turn this ravine into a weird crammed underwater city thing.

  2. What dirtd0g said is a good idea, but try not to get caught up playing only tier 5's. When you feel like you're performing at a significantly higher level than before, I'd suggest immediately trying to apply it to high tiers, making the necessary changes in your play and working out the subtler points.

    Pretty much Kewei's way with a little bit before.

  3. My first post was a mess. What I should have said in my first post is that the numbers that the website uses for 1500 WN8 differs from the WNEfficiency website (unless I'm missing something). 




    WNEfficiency.net         1500 WN8: 1836


    Targetdamage.com     1500 WN8: 1550

    The green numbers are for 1250 WN8, or the bottom for green WN8.




    Do more than 850 damage and your WN8 rating will be green for that round.

    Do the *expected value* of 1002 damage and your WN8 rating will also be green for that round.

    Do more than 1275 damage and your WN8 rating will be blue for that round.

    Do more than 1575 damage and your WN8 rating will be purple for that round.

    EDIT: also:


    But wait?  WN8 accounts for more than just Damage - it also considers Kills, Defense, and Winrate!

    • This is correct!  TargetDamage was designed as a "general guideline".  TargetDamage numbers are slightly higher than the actual damage required, meaning that if you score a TargetDamage number (all other things being average) you should be easily into that color rating.  With a focus on damage, the other required WN8 values are usually attained by default - but even if they are not, their impact on the WN8 calculation is tiny in comparison to the weight of the Damage number.  We will do a detailed example below....
    RTFM :P
  4. I didnt edit it after I saw your post but it may have been edited. I tend to edit damn near every post after I read it once. Sorry for confusion.


    Ok. When I saw it it was just "wat :P "


    But if you understand it now that's fine.

  5. LKP works out of draw and is persistent.

    Yes it does, but the markers still appear on your minimap. Because that's how spotting works.

    Turret direction is only available when actively spotted.

    Yes, but you can't necessarily see around the corner to where they are. It is providing information that you cannot obtain just by memorization.

    Fallen odjects red herring no thanks.

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