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  1. I found a horse, gave it diamond armour, jumped off CAMN's tower with it and it died. I don't know what I expected
  2. Yes it does, but the markers still appear on your minimap. Because that's how spotting works. Yes, but you can't necessarily see around the corner to where they are. It is providing information that you cannot obtain just by memorization. wat
  3. I'm sure he understands that, it just makes it look like a bot.
  4. Then maybe grab some light tank and make fools out of the enemy? If they add the T49/Hellcat line I'll consider buying Gold for a short amount of time... Should be hilarious if 99% of the players are terrible.
  5. -snip- this is a nice summary though... perhaps the other thread could be merged into here?
  6. Could you perhaps turn up the idle time on the AFK kicker? It's quite annoying when I'm trying to look for something in a menu and get kicked. I think all of us were kicked by it at some point. Also, RIP IOC castle, Relic castle and NavySnipers shack.
  7. Well.. RIP that idea. Not paying for Gold.
  8. If I end up actually using my XBox I'd play with you.. Will I be able to play it on a 360 and is it free?
  9. deetz

    Animated PNG

    I don't know too much about web programming, but I thought about it a little and I'm not sure it's even possible. You could look into hosting the image yourself and looking at the useragent of who it's being served to. Still, I don't know if it's possible to do this through a signature. Helpful pages found through a quick search: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18811042/serve-different-images-to-different-user-agents-using-htaccess http://css-tricks.com/which-responsive-images-solution-should-you-use/ Someone please come and correct me.
  10. deetz

    Animated PNG

    I doubt that a website that specific exists if APNG is as dead as mentioned before. You could try making one/get someone to make one?
  11. We're just trying to help you make things easier, but ok.
  12. The list will continue to grow after the ban ends?
  13. http://www.vbaddict.net/statistics.php Pick what to sort by on the side, open the tank, List All Commanders. There's probably an easier way to do it but that's how I look at it.
  14. So it isn't worth it to play your premiums with a better crew (with no penalties), while accelerating your crew's training and making the crew even better for the original tank? It can't not be worth it when there's no penalty at all for doing it.
  15. It's weird knowing that Kewei lives in the same town as you.
  16. Nice! I got my first 10 recently too. Not that I am going to play WoT again soon, but still. Grats! Our recent stats are the same heh
  17. Welcome, you can pick up a lot of things just lurking here. Just a side note, many of the people here will not like that you play mainly arty.
  18. deetz

    Minecraft Thread

    Sounds interesting! I'd definitely play, although I have little talent for building things quickly. Perhaps you could build/plan the spawn, lol.
  19. Enjoying Nisekoi although it's pretty annoying when Ichijou gets the short end of the stick for no reason. I should probably expect that though. how2makegudgif?
  20. Because replays won't show mods. They will show whatever the client running the replay has.
  21. Saw zach453 just now on Abbey. I was on my friend's account in a T29, and didn't do so great, but Zach held out valiantly and the cappers won us the game.
  22. My spring break just started, so I can be a meatshield at tier 10 if you like.. I only have one though. Funny thing, my azn friend is in pretty much the same situation, stuck in Canada waiting for new passport.
  23. I feel as if the M103 should be moved up a division. It has a lot of things (Gun, mobility, gun handling, usable spots of armour) that come together to create an excellent tank.
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