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    deetz got a reaction from Ollie Tabooger in User title suggestion thread   
    Drowns on Himmelsdorf
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    deetz got a reaction from FavreFan4ever in Getting Better – The Brutal, Simple, and Timely Way by Kewei   
    Thank you, this is actually brilliant advice that I've accidentally done... It seems to be working ok.


     You forgot to press F7 to activate the flotation devices.
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    deetz got a reaction from Golem501 in AMX 50 120   
    Seems like you're good at crushing teams with it >_>
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    deetz got a reaction from lazydot in 'Uro Purpl Playas   
    HE duels are the true and only measure of skill.
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    deetz reacted to Roku in Anime Thread   
    Wrapping up a show seem to be a pretty consistent weakness for a lot of serious anime =/ That and pacing are my two biggest beefs with the way a lot of shows get handled. Shows either seem to get more episodes than they know what to do with, or not enough to do what they need to do, or the writers just can't figure out how to properly work with the number they're given. This is why I usually don't expect much from shows these days and pick a lot of what I watch based on art and animation and staff, but it's a nice surprise when a show is actually good and well rounded in most respects.
    Did anyone else watch Level E back in 2011? Looks like its still on Crunchyroll. I liked that show a lot.
    Think I'm gonna have to rewatch Nichijou in my marathon. I still can't get enough Yukko. I wish the series had done better so we could get some more

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    deetz got a reaction from Luna in So you want to be a Gorilla...   
    Not entirely sure about that "fucking".... Is he the fucking poster boy of Legit or is he fucking the poster boy of Legit?
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    deetz reacted to Tuco22 in Wotlabs Confessions   
    I've never actually played this game, just the forums. 
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    deetz reacted to _Juris in noobmeter is gone?   
    Noobs.  Real players use RPN on the HP 48GX.  
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    deetz reacted to Deusmortis in noobmeter is gone?   
    Wish tanks was down too so no more players.
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    deetz reacted to TeaTime in Anime Thread   
    I remember watching Nekomonogatari on simulcast then marathoning Saki with my cousin. Best night of my life.
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    deetz reacted to Solono in Anime Thread   
    Give me a plane ticket and five minute and I'll show you something that more qualifies as a lewd kiss.
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    deetz reacted to CAMN in The Random Thoughts Thread   
    Random GIF from my GIF folder:

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    deetz reacted to Roku in The Random Thoughts Thread   
    I loves random stuff. So I brings you the ultimate in random!

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    deetz reacted to PityFool in How good and how useful measure WN8 really is?   
    This is an absolutely terrible thread. Do yourself a favour, take some time to read up on WN8 and understand it.
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    deetz got a reaction from Nicook5 in Anime Thread   
    I think everybody needs to see this at some point in their life.

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    deetz got a reaction from FlaviFeels in Team Training anyone?   
    Ask SULOMON, I'm sure you could have a good 1v1.
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    deetz got a reaction from korvanos in M44 is so OP, and requires no skill   
    Not sure if you're trying to piss people off or honestly missed that most people here fucking hate the retarded game mechanic that is arty.
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    deetz reacted to Intumesce in Five artillery- We are there again   
    People don't understand why arty is broken
    It's not because they hit too hard, too fast, or too often (but that's certainly a part of it and resulted in the 8.6 nerf)
    It's because they can hit you while behind cover, it's that they can hit you for half or more of your health, it's that they can see you anywhere on the map no matter where they or you are, it's that they ignore all the fundamental gameplay features (camo, draw, armor) and can't do anything on their own (can't take hits, can't spot, often can't move outside of a square close to the spawn) and finally that they can hit you without any warning whatsoever
    Arty's core features are what's broken, not the modifiers to them
    As long as arty has god eye's view, it doesn't matter how shitty the SPG or the clicker in it is, they can always deal damage to players that otherwise have superior positioning, superior skills, and the strongest armor in the game
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    deetz reacted to jackquerudo in Anybody wanna give guesses as to how this Berghdahl business ends up? NO POLITICAL RESPONSES NECESSARY K THX   
    >Seeks no political discussion and wishes for unbiased opinions
    >starts off with this statement
    Eventually the evidence will present themselves, and nothing will change no matter how much you get people to agree/disagree with you.
    Thread closed. 3 day RO for trying to incite political flaming
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    deetz reacted to OOPMan in Off to Purpler Pastures   
    How did people fail to get the OP was talking about Silver?
    Does anyone ever refer to Gold as Credits?
    Anyone with decent stats anyway?
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    deetz reacted to Mawdy in Off to Purpler Pastures   
    This thread is more autistic than Kilduda.
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    deetz reacted to Marduk in Off to Purpler Pastures   
    Thanks but SR360 and I are pretty happy on Ziddy-TS. I've been the Relic's TS, it is a boring,dry, humorless place. Kinda like Scotland.
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    deetz reacted to vonKaiser in What's your wallpaper?   
    home wallpaper

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    deetz reacted to Intumesce in AMX 40 - Masochist style   
    Just thought I'd let you guys know the AMX 40 is a really stronk tank

    It bounced me and my platoonmate's 105mm shells like it was nothing
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    deetz reacted to AnArmyofBun in I'm alive.   
    You're welcome. I'm glad I can bring any kind of positive. Your father survived. You can't worry about tomorrow so much. We can't control it when it comes to stuff like that. You just have to keep on going as if the worst won't happen. Be ready for it. But don't make it your life.

    I'm doing fine. I ate my first meal today after two weeks. 3 ounces of tilapia. It took me an hour. But I'm not hungry. It's amazing. Thank you for the kind wishes. I hope you and your father have many more years. Mines here in my home with me now.

    I wish I could share more as I go through this. There's so many amazing things about to start happening to me. The next six months and two years ahead are going to be insane. Just insane. Mind you I'm not bragging. Most of what I'm about to do ranks pretty up there on the awful scale lol.

    Thanks everyone. For all your posts. Kind or otherwise.
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