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  1. Dibs on throwing back to the exquisite escapades of The undefeated heavyweight champion of the name and shame thread, and his strange obsession with talking about his own butthole in unsettling detail. I'm still sad we never heard from Hollywood about it. Damn, Konli beat me to it, oops, riprip. There's always Frumpylumps and his Zionist conspiracies for a good laff, Spotted him in Armored Welfare and He's just as shite there ^.^ As an apology for my bad reading skills, how about a throwback to a better time, when there was still a faint hope that WG wasn't a gaming one hit won
  2. I can brag about abusing low tier tanks in a broken spam monster too-it's like its easy: http://wotreplays.com/site/2133326#winterberg-tunnel_snakes_rule-o-i_experimental but really, post in the topic for the tank itself, or the e-peen posting subforum. Plus the pubbie abuse this tank is capable of makes 3k games easy.
  3. God fucking dammit, the m4 48/ 49 was supposed to be part of an actual second french heavy line. what a load of shite, god forbid anyone wants a high tier french heavy without an autoloader. More trash premiums instead I suppose, SerB needs more money to fart out some more Russian clone mediums. Still gonna get it anyways though, if the bad viewrange and terrain resistance don't hobble it. Not nuff blue ;___; Sigh.
  4. Shitmongers who Invade other players in Frozen Eleum Loyce should be crucified.

  5. Re-installed, I'll see if I can catch up to your guises levels, if not, I can re-join once you gents have beaten main game, I have a toon at 41 waiting to switch to true vault hunter mode. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013429413
  6. Steam name is Mango, King of Pickles. All my toons are over or under 21, and I found out i randomly uninstalled it to save space, if y'all are on later this evening when the D/L is done, I can catch up, or if not, some other time? soz ;__;
  7. I would defs be down, lemme go see if I have anything in range of those levels.
  8. RenamedUser_1000983288 : You win this time WG, you win this time.

    1. OneTrueLeader


      next name should be: Cure_All_Cancer

    2. Tunnel_Snakes_Rule


      Not anytime soon, not gonna drop any money on a stupid rename anytime soon, its been like 10 days. Time to Own RenamedUser_1000983288 apparently

  9. As someone who's trying to get back into the game, but hates solopubbing with the burning passion of a thousand foreman grills, I would be up for some pontooning. Add us as a friend if you want.
  10. I am unbelievably excited for the possibility of customizable power armor. Wonder how good of a computer a kidney will buy these days. Choo choo all aboard the hype train
  11. Nothing like getting one shot by arty on your first match back to remind you why you loathe this game.

  12. Even after all this time spent trying to improve, the moment you put me in a tank that can go 72/kph, Its like I forget about everything but going fast xP

  13. Mein Godtt, the Chaffee is the most merciless stat padder I've ever played. this thing is hilarious, why has it taken me so long to unlock it :I

  14. How the hell do I chaffee?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MagicSeagull


      Pad damage to WN8 Heaven

    3. dirtd0g



      I had a few decent games. Check the replays.

    4. TouchFluffyTail


      Play it in the tier 6 stronghold skirmishes

  15. Te-Ke is cutest tenk.

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