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  1. I bought the Excelsior on sale because it was cheap. I didn't have any other British heavies, so I bought a Churchill 1 to avoid the rookie mistake of training a crew for a premium tank. I don't like the Excelsior, but the Church 1 is great fun. But that may be because the Church III is the first premium I bought, and have had tons of battles in it. The 1 plays pretty much the same.
  2. But they last forever. I'm a big fan of old Hondas. Right now I'm driving a 20 year old civic (which, surprisingly, fits me although I'm six-two) I've had it for two years, and the most expensive repair was recently having to pay $600 to get the ignition assembly replaced. It looks like crap, but it runs faster than I do, and it has the best feature any car can have - it's paid for.
  3. About $200 over three years. Not much, considerig that a new PC or console game costs $60. Why would anyone destroy $1000k worth of equipment when selling a tank instead of spending ten cents in real money to demount it?
  4. Playing the KV5, I ram the enemy in a tight spot, and kill him. Another tank pins me from the side, we shot, there's explosions and flames, and I thought I was dead. I wasn't. I started typing a message, then realized I was still alive, but not for long. If I hadn't wasted time typing, I would have got another shot off, maybe two, before being killed,
  5. It's three, three, three clans in one! Super serious players - people who dream of tanks and play constantly, have SG. If you're not quite as obsessed, or just not quite good enough yet, but want to be, you've got SGHQ. And for the casual players, like me, there's SG3.
  6. Wiggling is important. You've got one big weak spot in the front - that port. Any hits to that are likely to penn. Any hits anywhere else, and it bouncy bouncy. It's also a very good ramming tank against tier 5 and lower.
  7. The T18 is my therapy tank - the one I go to after too many loses. Nothing like running a Tier II tank with a million credits worth of equipment and a 200% crew. Not only is it a good shooter, but when you get close, it's a good rammer too.
  8. That's because you sounded like Bill Cosby, so it was viewed as a rape threat.
  9. Yep. Even good players become bad players when they play tanks they haven't touched since the last 5x weekend. I usually do better on 5x, simply by playing my favorite tanks, and avoiding the temptation to play the ones gathering dust.
  10. I love it when this thread gets repeated, because I always find something new to enjoy. I have a Pandora station I use for WoT. The seeds are Two Steps From Hell, Sabaton (*perfect* tanking music) and Lindsey Sterling to lighten it up a bit. Claude Boling for WoT? Maybe for slow tanks... I'd love to see a WoT feature, or mod, that would let you assign music tracks or playlists for different tanks. I especially want to play the ELC AMX to "Yackaty Sax" (aka The Benny Hill Theme).
  11. Medocre player here. I bought it last year, put a 300% crew in it, watched a dozen videos and read guides about it, and completely despised it for the first 50 battles. The gun sucks, unless you're lucky enough to be top tier. It's a rolling puss-bag of weak spots that everyone knows. I actually asked for a refund on it and WoT just laughed and laughed. I've gotten better at it, but still don't find it a lot of fun. OTOH, it just *shits* credits. In a mediocre game, with a non-premium account, it's fairly easy to make 30k in it. If you do well, 50k is common. I wouldn't buy it again, but I still use it fairly often for crew training and credit farming.
  12. I despised the thing the first time I ground through it, but a while back bought it again just to see if it was better now that I was a better player. It is. It's still a lousy tank, but not as horrible as I first thought it was. I will eventually sell it when I need a slot.
  13. More than once I've "found" and old tank I haven't played in quite a while, took it out for a spin and had a great time with it. For instance, I hadn't played my M8A1 in months. I'd moved the well-trained crew elsewhere, so it just sat there collecting dust. Took it out the other night, and man, what a fun tank. Fast and deadly, and can be played like a TD or a light. I avoid selling tanks until I need a slot and don't feel like spending gold. In that case I'll find an old tank I haven't played in a while, play it for a few games, and decide if I should keep it our not.
  14. You're welcome. The latest revision (put up a couple of months ago) advises people to come here.
  15. >>This all stems from the fact we have the worst in game tutorial that I've ever seen, forcing the players to do it for WG yet only maybe 3% even have a chance of seeing the guides. Lack of a proper tutorial and advertisement I guess is what I'd call it makes people have 0 guidance on how to play the game so people end up like me, thousands of games in and still have no idea what they're doing<< That pissed me off enough to write my own, which shouldn’t have been necessary. But it was fun, and people like it. http://www.amazon.com/World-Tanks-The-Missing-Manual-ebook/dp/B00DX6866I >>Split out tier 1-3 players who have less than 3k games played into a different pool of MM. If you have more than 3k games played, you can still play your T1 or T18 to club, but at least you'll be clubbing more experienced seals. << Not only would this make life better for newbees - I’d love to play baby tank games against better players. MM – it’s gotten better, but there is no reason for so many lopsided battles. We should never see games of 25% chance or less – that’s no fun for either side. Simply by sorting players based on some skill metric all games should fall into the 40-60% range. AFK – AFK players are a plague WoT doesn’t seem to care about. There have been multiple suggestions, made hundreds of times in the main forums, but none of them are ever implemented. We still see AFK players on one side or the other far far too often. Close games are the most fun, but few things are as frustrating as losing one because one of your top tier tanks is AFK.
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