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  1. I don't see why players re-roll. These are your stats you earned them. Just try to increase your recent WN8 (if WN8 matters to you) & you will be just fine.
  2. I guess I have to stop using the term "shot box" when I post about spotting. I actually like this idea. I understand it's going to change where we setup on maps but, it makes alot of sense to have a round circle instead of a square. As for tanks no longer cloaking devices when spotted in the middle of a field...that is great! I don't know how much this will affect me but, I for one don't just stop & sit when spotted in the middle of an open field. I always drive for cover to attempt to break the LOS. So, I don't think I will see too much difference with this change. I'm guessing the
  3. Only sidescrape in the T110E5 if you have no other choices. It will work but, you must keep a very steep angle trying to get auto-bounces & track hits rather than using the side armor to stop shells. I did this to a Maus & Tiger II in a city were retreating wasn't a choice & held them both at bay for over 5 minutes. They weren't very good players. Bottom line is that sidescraping will work if you are in a jam. Don't try it otherwise.
  4. I could see this being my 4th-6th skill for my scout crews. Being that my best scout crews are at 2 skills/perks, I don't see this perk being utilized on my tanks anytime soon. Sklls/Perks for scouts that would be more effective would include: Camo, snap shot, repair, dead eye, BIA. Thanks for doing the research it's always better to know what a skill/perk does rather than guessing on the effects of a skill/perk.
  5. The P2 has to be played as a sniper. I managed a 2385 WN8 in this tank thru 202 battles. However, my win rate is only 50.5%. I'm often hanging back pecking away at whatever targets get lit up. It doesn't have any finishing power so, I'm often high in damage with very few kills (average 1.1 frags per game). I pretty much quit playing this tank once I unlocked the E-50 but, I've been using it during the On Track Event. Actually, I've had some success in this tank when I platoon moving up & spotting for my platoon. Of course as soon as I fire or get lit...I normally get lit up. This
  6. I can't stand this tank. Personally, I don't really like to play "pillboxes". I would rather play a tank that moves around the battlefield rather than is glued to one spot giving the enemy a choice of engaging me. I guess playing against poor players who will fight an AT-7 when that tank has all the advantages could be fun but, it's not for me. I will have to beat my way thru this TD is I want to progress down the Brit line but, unless they have an "On Track Event", I don't see moving this tank out of the garage. With all that said, I'm very pleased you like the tank! It's always good
  7. I only carry BIA on a couple of tanks (T49 is one since I see the 2.2% increase in stats as more important than repair on this tank). However, if they change this back to no function with a dead crew member, BIA will slip into the 5th or 6th choice for me. I am not going to heal the damn radio man just to get my BIA back.
  8. My best WN8 tank went up by almost 1000! D1 2 light France 734 469 0 3.3 0 0% 2,129 4,329 100.0% 3 No 2013-08-30 01:52
  9. It is much improved. I would even claim that this tank is playable now. So, if you want a Russian scout tank, this thing can work.
  10. What I don't understand about this tank is the average Japanese tanker just had to be smaller than average. Why do they need a tank the size of a Tiger II? It would be nice if WOT designers just shrank the truth by about 20%. This tank would be much more effective if it was just smaller.
  11. Hurry Rexxie, Hurry! I feel like I'm cheating on you by using Sela's modpack. Not to take anything away from Sela but, your modpack is way hotter!
  12. He doesn't have the stats for M-I-T. It is a training clan but, we still have requirements.
  13. I completed the Operation T34 by just using tanks on doubles (except the last 5k on the Japanese line). I completed the USA during 5x weekend in less than 3 hours. I had a 9800 exp game in a Hellcat & my T49, Jackson, T32 all posted 7000+ games. Also, I'm a tank horder & I have alot of these tanks in my garage, that really helped. This Operation was so much easier than the IS6 mission with only tier 6's.
  14. It's always good to have crew trainers. Instead of getting 3 games of 5x bonus for the Russian heavy tank crew I'm training I get 9 games (I have 2 Russia heavy premium tanks). Since six sense is the most important skill/perk in the game, I use my premium tanks to get more commanders with six sense. Also, if I'm a little low on cash, a couple of T34 games will usually helps the bottom line.
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