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  1. Just to let you all know i've dropped out of lava and tonks to a large extent, its been coming for a while and what with my PhD drawing a close i dont have the time to put any commitment into the game. Its been great meeting you all though and if i find time again in the future i'd hope you have me back Take care y'all
  2. I have two Invite codes from TankFest which I don't need - Free Churchill III (100% crew), 1000 gold, 7 day prem and garage slot.



    1. KenadianCSJ


      Both were already used. :( Thanks though.

  3. I think theres a big difference between choosing tanks that you are good in and coincidently have a low expected dpg value (hence high wn8 games) and choosing a tank because you know it has a low dpg associated with it. Im with Trobs and the others on this, this thread is all about promoting bad habits and in the end when similar players (not saying you in particular babyswag) are sat on your side in a T10 game unable to do anything but wish they were in their IS-6 or a tank where they can derp their way to 1.5x expected damage whos left raging and chat sperging? The truth of the matter is no
  4. I have decided to run food on just about all my tanks in the garage now and have taken on board the idea of training jack of all trades on Russian meds and running AFE, repairs and food. Whilst I think running firefighting on crews would be nice it wouldn't be something I would consider until 4/5th skill and I don't have too many crews at that level yet. On the whole the bonus of food seems to more than counter the occasions where you burn to death, though I'm sure I will find that one tank where even though in theory it shouldn't burn often it will do for me
  5. I'm in for all 3 days, i can provide t20/comet/bulldog - just pm me the password and I'll sign up.
  6. The STB-1 is a great medium tank at tier 10, especially when run with food to reduce the trollish gun handling. However because the expected damage is quite high it is difficult to pad WN8 on, moral of the story is good tanks aren't necessarily the best for stats and choosing 'purple level tanks' may not be your best choice, choose tanks you enjoy and have a grin on your face whilst driving The batchat is another great tank, and more than capable of racking up 4k wn8 in a game with ease, however if it doesn't suit your play style and you go hunting too soon the chances are it will never b
  7. If you train jack of all trades on commander you can swap out the medkit and run AFE, food and repair kit - that way you keep food and fire extinguisher and if you loose crew you not at too much of a disadvantage.
  8. Can I reiterate the point of Storm, it would be great to have gif sigs as an exclusive feature of patrons and supporters or someway of personalising them beyond the norm.
  9. Posting follows exponential growth when theres no access to tanks

  10. I don't recall having to try to do MT missions, you will most likely tick them off as you play but purely on a performance basis I would say the 140 would be your better bet. LT's and HT's have a few tricky ones where you have to focus in on them.
  11. Im on board with nerfing the alpha over penetration of gold shells, and I did see that yes my point was more - nerf their alpha and buff their reload? Or don't touch the alpha of t10 APCR?
  12. What about t10 meds that shoot apcr as standard?
  13. Edited My PhD is in biological sciences, certainly seems to hold true for the most part, I only recall meeting 1 creationist who isn't from the states.
  14. sahtila is clearly tainted.... I think it's unfair to say it's the worst prem tank, especially when things like the sta-2 exist.
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