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  1. I was moving along at a slow uptick in W/R and all the related stat tracking (Wn#/Eff/etc). About two weeks ago it just fell off. Not like a dip, but falling off a cliff and catching on fire drop. The only thing I've done differently was go DOWN in tier levels (grinding new tanks, Brit Heavies and Russian Meds) while playing Tier 8-10 as normal. Now it is just painful to look at the results from each battle (I've been trying to watch replays from each terrible game (anything that is currently lower than my Wn8 of 1700ish, which was 2000ish a few weeks ago). I see mistakes and attempt to correct them the next battle. I'll go from 5k WN8 to 150 from one battle to another. I've never had these swings before. I've always solo pubbed, and that is all I've played in nearly 14k games (save maybe 100 platoons). An average night looks like this: I think I'm not changing enough to the new players and am acting to aggressively, which is amplified while driving a T7 tank in T9 games. Any suggestions?
  2. So after seeing the IS-6 go on sale I was tempted to get it. I've got a Kv5, but I wanted to try it out. I solo pub 99.9% of the time, so having a tank that can carry a herd of window lickers is always a plus. I grabbed whatever crew I had in the barracks (100%, all around 35-40% into BiA), loaded 18/12/0, GLD,Rammer,Vents and went off. My first game, Steel Wall, Top Gun, Spartan, 3700 damage and carried the team to a win (with 4700 damage absorbed). Next game, win, a couple of kills, 2200ish damage. Game three I was in a Tier 9 and just wanted to see how much abuse I could take. Serene coast and I drove off along the east flank/island side and ran into a 103, Tiger II, Tiger 1 and a T34, only did 900 damage, but killed the 103, and took close to 6k in damage before dying. Game four team got wrecked, I carried to the end with 57hps left, Spartan, Top Gun, Steel Wall, another win. Game five I did the same as game three and just drove into the enemy, another 800ish damage done but 3200 damage taken, as well as spotting five enemies. Twelve games in I'm at 83% win rate with a K/D ratio of 3.33. Damage average is low, only 1700, but that is a simple one more shot a game and I'm at 2k, three more and I'm at 2500 a game. All solo pub. Wow. Where have you been IS6! I wish I had found you earlier. *edit - damage is a little over 1700 after 12 games. Added pic of first game after battle report.
  3. Just looking at the tanks in the list, you're at 53% in the Crusader over 200ish games. How do you play that tank? I'd start there as a base and find similar tanks that suit that play style, maybe even dropping one tier down as you get comfortable with those other tanks. Find your strengths and build on those. Dropping down tiers is a great way to learn how to play different tanks, and much less forgiving.
  4. Something odd I've noticed the past week - if I help the team out, we'll win more often than not, but my personal stats take a hit. What I mean by help is if I'm dead normally I'll just leave and grab a tank. The past few days though I've stuck around (mostly on the new maps to get more familarity) and try to help out via chat. Yesterday I finished with 61% WR solo, but 1400's in WN. If folks listen half the time then I guess I've made a difference w/r wise.
  5. Grind the German new TD line - ginormous swings. I've found I'll have a 3k damage game, then a 500 one right after it. Very hard to carry a team in them, although I did on swamp yesterday in a Nashorn.
  6. Installed them and used them - the zoom range is great. I need to stop looking at names, I Tk'd three teammates this weekend because they were red. Oops! Love the mods, work really well, thanks.
  7. Thanks for the 8.9 Mod pack- works great, although I Tk'd three teammates this week end because of them being red. I thought they were on the other team... oops!
  8. Honestly I think Migi hit it on the head - I'm clueless on the new maps (I think I've played the new ones twice each), and if I have a terrible game I'm out of place. My damage needs to be more "efficient" to make it count. Add in grinding up the new german TD line, well I don't have room for mistakes in those tanks. It comes down to studying more and getting better fire lanes. I think I'll see if I can get some lessons or two from a purple and go from there. Cheers
  9. I only solo pub, I've platooned maybe 50-75 times. No CW/Battle Companies etc.
  10. After creating maps for Medal of Honor/Call of Duty (early 2000's, and turning down a job offer from a studio to work for them) the ratio of good, playable, BALANCED maps to utter shit is closer to Eleventy Billion to .01. Besides, they wouldn't want to give up that much control (which I can't blame them). Not only that, once you give someone the tools, give it a couple months and then you'll have a work around to make a server without Wargaming to run it on, and that will never happen.
  11. I had taken a couple month break from WoT until a couple days ago. First day back (All pub solo) 11 games, over 2K in all ratings with 65% win rate. Next day about the same (I think I was about 1700 in Eff, as I don't bother capping any more), win rate around 60%. Last two days - 38% Win Rate, decent K/D, but just a nose dive into crapland. 11-1200's across the board with 16-17's in WN7-8. I've played the same style, defensively aggressive. Last night was brutal, today was brutal. I can't blame the new patch, as I know it brings out more players. Does it make sense to take a different approach for the next week or so (more defensively as more folks are camping) or should I just stick to tanks that are easier to carry with? I've noticed my KV-5 seems to be doing pretty well lately, while its poop land for everything else. My poor E75 crew is getting wrecked every game to point of I'm thinking of selling it. Ideas for solo pub when you're hitting a huge swing? Thanks
  12. I don't mind platooning - but I'd like to be able to grind tanks at the same time (usually Tiers 6-9). It is also fun to play with similar skill levels of folks, rather than those more interested in using you as a meat shield so they can pad better. I've got everything unlocked on the T32 now, and having loads of fun with it. I just ran 20 games solo tonight and ended up with 75% W/R and 1900EF. WN7 will be less, probably 1400ish due to low damage. I really need to deal more damage on a regular basis. That alone would help a ton. Thanks
  13. Thanks Siimcy. I noticed last night that when I died within the first four-five minutes I was sub 1000, after five minutes was closer to 1600-1800. I think part of it is I am to aggressive, and need to let things develop a bit more. However then when I am aggressive, I'll often have great games (3000+), which leads me to believe I need to be somewhere in the middle lol. Thanks!
  14. Yes. In a heartbeat. I ground through the entire German TD line pre-accuracy buff. It just can't do enough vs T7/T8 when it gets bumped up.
  15. Howdy, I've been playing on and off for the past year or so and generally try not to suck to much. I've platooned maybe 50-60 games tops. I was recently (about 24/48 hrs) in a clan that I thought was what I was looking for (platooning, no CW). Anyway turns out it wasn't for me. So I'll stick to solo pubs. Signed up here as there is generally a better conversation than the other forum. Couple things about me: 1) I really want to get better. I want to see the whole of the map, rather than just pad stats, and generally make more of a difference in a sea of Red. So I'm here to learn and track my improvement. 2) I like grinding lines. And TD's, pre-buff. Now they don't seem to be much of a challenge anymore. Thanks, look forward to reading a ton to get up to speed.
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