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  1. That might be a reason, although I don't think either of those tanks has changed that much. They still play pretty much the same way and (arguably) against the same enemy threat over the past couple of years at least.
  2. So far for me, 2k damage per battle with just 1 kill and BAM! deep purple zone. 2k damage isn't even that much, it's 5-6 decent pens and you are there.
  3. Yeah, but considering I was grinding credits with it, most of my battles were blue/purple, and even the crappy ones were green. I guess the T34 became a stat padding tank. LOL!
  4. I was unable to play WoT for almost a year and now I'm trying to "get my game back", but I noticed something weird: Is that correct? Is doing almost your own HP in damage in the T34 worth almost 2k WN8 now? Did every good player stop playing this tank when the IS-6 came out or something?
  5. I've always thought of the chain of events that sparked both world wars as a very mesmerizing story, a very tragic one, but still mesmerizing.
  6. Not sure if anyone else here watches the Extra Credits guys, their videos are mostly aimed at game developers and such, but they are easy to understand and quite interesting to anyone who likes games. Anyways, that is not what I wanted to talk about; the idea of this post is to talk about the Extra History videos they’ve been making. They started by making a couple of videos paid by the developers of the Total War series of games, there they focused on the Punic Wars (for obvious reasons), and the videos got so many views that they decided to start working on more history videos on their o
  7. Having a bit of a hard time trying to find a decent area to engage the enemy in this map since they changed it (been out of WoT for a while). Where do you go in either of these situations: North base: Medium tank (russian) South base: Heavy tank (Russian/American) Consider standard battle for both, high tier battles (8 and up) and low/no arty presence.
  8. Well, they seem to be asking people over email about it... I just hope they are not asking the wrong people, if they want to know how would a skill based MM affect the game then they should be asking the really skilled players. Considering I didn't get any email to any poll, that could be either a very good thing (they are asking people better than me) or a very very very bad thing (they are asking random people).
  9. Yeah, but team battles you could pick your team and those had the added annoyance of using the league points system. And well, to be honest I expect WG would give the development of the skill base MM for random battles to someone with more than just a couple of brain cells... well, I hope...
  10. With the sudden interest WG is showing to the skill based MM thing, I can't help but to think that it is a wasted effort. I'm probably on the lower end of unica around here, but I don't think adding that to the game will ever improve anything for anyone. People who get stomped by unica on a regular basis will still be stomped to death no matter what WG does to the MM. Their battle results will probably be skewed a little to either side depending on how effective that new MM is (if they go with it), but their actions in battle will still be as futile as ever, the only difference is WG w
  11. At least on this one WG seems to be thinking ahead of the curve:
  12. There is an article in FTR about bots and the answers from Tanitha in the SEA forums to the issue. It is all pretty interesting, but one thing seemed more important than the rest: This is something many people have been asking WG about since... well, since as long as I can remember. They've never given a "no" for an answer; they've just ignored the question completely. The changes that this could bring to the game are pretty big, when it comes to the way people play and how much they learn from their mistakes. Giving nothing to those who go full retard and die in a very stupid way h
  13. I'm more interested in the crew slots, does it have the same crew as the 50M? Power and money are no longer the main reasons why I buy premium tanks, but crew training.
  14. Considering the meta change from snipy-stuff to brawly-stuff... I would say no. Then again, you can still have fun in some maps with it.
  15. First time I got shot by a 183 I was driving my IS-7... left me with ~150hp but set me on fire, I burned to death, couldn't even fire once in that battle. Footage of my reaction (and his):
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