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  1. Think I got it in the SU-14-2. It's amazing what a couple AP rounds can do when they pen. I only carried a few AP rounds and normally load AP for the first shot. I happened to be grinding that SPG so I didn't bother trying it with the M44 heat spam.
  2. I blacklisted that asshat over a year ago for that same exact message. Good to see he's still out there being stupid as fuk
  3. I like the dropping of the worst 35%. It reminds me of how the USGA handicapping formula works for golf in the US. A players index is their potential, not what they normally shoot for a score. They look at the best 10 of your last 20 posted scores and there's a .96 multiplier. So if my index is 20, the USGA thinks I have the potential to be 20 over par. In reality I'll probably spend more time around 24 over. I have no clue how valid the system is. There's plenty of padding on the golf course for sure...
  4. Too bad you can't farm the morons that end up with the rentals on your team.... Rentals are great if all the crap players using them are on the other team. When you get a guy with 8 battles, total on the account, in a rental, platooned with a Medium II, 6 battles on account, in a tier 9 match on your team, you know it'll be a great battle, for the other team...
  5. The ping is wrong then. I get about 100+ ms ping in WoT on the West server( about 50ish East). WOWS shows a ping of 50ish. I do see the same connection issue between Wot west and WoWS though. On the west server I always get a connection that blinks red intermittently. So that part does synch up between the two.
  6. Well I think this could be considered science fiction and mods can delete this post if it's out of line. The animal shelter in northern Maine that my niece supports just got an autographed copy of Stephen King's The Stand. Their building burned down and he donated a copy for a fund raising auction that they are having on Sept 19th. So if you are a SK fan and want to try to get an autographed copy and support a good cause send me a PM and I can get you contact info regarding it.
  7. Edit -nm determined it was a crappy wireless nic in the laptop.
  8. I just finished The Terror by Dan Simmons, the guy that wrote Hyperion. I liked it. it's a long read but pretty good. I also finished Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs. I liked those as well. I've read mixed reviews of Hannibal, so i'm not sure if I'll read the rest of the series. Any opinions on the rest of those books? Now to go back through this thread to find what i'll be paying Amazon for next... I'll through out a classic I read in 7th grade. Shogun, well worth it. Give it a shot if you have not read it. Gonna buy The Martian based on comments I just read.
  9. I came within 55 HP of getting honors on Mt15.2 with my 430 V2 and getting the one missing commendation I need for the T28C. The good news is I got HT 7.2 today in my Tiger P of all things. I was tooned with another heavy. So he let me shoot the last arty by their cap to get over 2K. The enemy had only a KV-1S left back at our cap and he killed our last arty. So me and buddy just got on cap. Now to do 1.5K damage and block 2xHP.
  10. I used bino and camo on my 13 90 to do LT 15.2. Took a while to get the right map but it was easy once I got it.
  11. What do guys recommend for HT7.2, I think thats the number. It's cap or defend cap and get 2K damage. Just wondering what tanks to use to try and get this. I have IS3, 5, and 6. 50 100 until I buy my unlocked 50 120 and move the crew. Only tier 10 heavy is E100. I have the E75 in garage still but no crew in it. Also should I have assualt and encounter on? I have 19/20 commendations for the T28C. Need to complete the heavy missions( 7, 12, and 15) or get honors in MT 15.2. I do plan to do the heavy missions to get the 5th female crew member. I'd like to unlock the next set so I have something to do with my TDs and arty. I'm trying to do the Stug light missions to get that crewmember.
  12. I liked that one as well. Earth Abides - George R Stewart is a good read as well. Written in 1949.
  13. Have slowed down my reading a lot in the last 18 years but Sci fi and fantasy were always my go to genres. Some of the title I liked off the top of my head: Hammers Slammers Bolo Uplift Wars trilogy Mote in Gods Eye series A lot of Asimov's stuff Starship Troopers Berserkers Hammerfall Battlefield Earth even if LRH turned into a tard. Hyperion Amtrack Wars - this one was interesting and probably not well known. I read the first three books and was never able to find the rest. The glory of 80's bookstores. Was always a crapshoot to find all the books in a series. I have been thinking of getting them on my Kindle though. Swan Song There were a bunch of others but I can't recall them all now though.
  14. I never read that series but I've read some of his other historical fiction which I liked. May have to check these out.
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