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  1. Though some of us like me for example, will be uplifted some.
  2. Cannot wait to get home and play it.
  3. Why with the changes to maps 360 is still good enough. Knock it down to 310, and it means more.
  4. Then it won't make much a difference as it is now.
  5. Well if you've gone to the WoT forums or seen FTR, you know that view ranges are going to be subject to some major changes. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/11/12/straight-outta-supertest-upcoming-viewrange-nerf/ IS-8: 370 (400) WT Pz4: 320 (410) Т-54: 370 (390) Т-44: 360 (380) ISU-152: 310 (370) IS-3: 360 (350) (a buff, odd) Rhm.-Borsig: 310 (400) Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger (P): 360 (380) Jagdpanther: 300 (370) T20 350: (390) Lorr.155 51: 280 (360) GW Panther: 270 (370) AMX-13-75: 430 (390) T21: 420 (390) Now these are currently examples of the changes they want to do, but as you ca
  6. Ever heard of the saying "Better than stock, worse than elite?" This would make the tank better than just about any tier 8 medium in the game and almost as good as the WZ-120. Tank does not need that gun. No, just no.
  7. Probably be a Drum reload. I mean it's stock in trade is the inter drum reload which sets it apart. Nerf the inter drum 50B will piss all over the tank.
  8. Yeah well the 100mm is a good harrassment gun, you run into another light tank, especially a few that are coming down the pike IMHO is going to cause a major re-evaluation of the 100mm cannon. Because up close and personal when mixing it up with other light tanks, 100mm is simply not going to cut it. You'll get out dpm'd by the other 3 tier 8 lights coming in unless you have the 85. Might want to think about that.
  9. Strange enough I did well in the Panther II, better than I did in the Panther.
  10. Check the replay people! First pool's medal, and yes I curb stomped a bunch of red sea players at tier 5, but I was just in that zone! God I love that tank!
  11. actually I do ok without WAR on my Cent 7/1. Now my leo Prot A. I'm gonna have to break down and put a WAR on it. Every hit the rack goes up.
  12. TalonV

    Type 62

    It gets the same MM as any other tier 7 LT. I wish it got Pref MM and never saw above a tier 8 or 9, but alas that is not so.
  13. TalonV

    Type 62

    To this day still love my Type 62. One of my most played tanks however crab is right about one thing. The go to fun run and gun light tank is the Type 64. Though you're going to need a radio operator for the 64 since none of the other higher tier LTs have a radio man. But every once in a while, I pull the old girl out. The best time to have owned one, was when it first came out as a tier 6 LT. There was no other tank like it.
  14. Oh come now, who wouldn't have fun zipping in at the T49's speed unloading a 152 right to the ass of a Maus, do 500 dmg then zip away before he can even blink. The hilarity factor alone makes me want the T49 with the derp.
  15. Lel, nice one and I love the drifting ability.
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