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  1. Neokai, send my regards to your fellow mod Cent and help me thank him for solidifying my stance on leaving the forums for good.
  2. Oh I got a 7 day ban for saying " Update: Everything that have been discussed here has been swept under the glorious rug." Thanks Cent, this will give me more reason to focus on my overseas holiday! Your timing is really good EDIT: Saw the reason "Escalated Sanctions for Repetitive and Excessive Rule Violations" That's it, I've had enough. Tan and his overly zealous moderators can go fuck themselves and burn the community to the ground. I wasn't even fucking sanctioned before I made that comment and "repetitive and excessive rule violations"? Go fuck yourself Cent, Mick was right about you, you'll never be a just moderator. Neokai is probably the only moderator I respect after Mick left. Good luck to you Neo, I hope you don't get blamed for running the forums to the ground because it's the work of your "colleagues".
  3. You guys have to see this http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/56676-sayonara-to-everyone-hereits-time-to-leave-the-forums-unless-something-concrete-is-done-i-had-enough/page__st__40__pid__1381307#entry1381307
  4. I have a question for those who were banned, what exactly did you say? Any links to that specific post would be great too.
  5. Alright it's not. I should have worded it better. Tan and his mods find them racist. Anything that's linked to VN will be racist, that's a fact.
  6. Replace Tan with Zero. In all honesty, I think we could do away with all the racist posts like the dong ones and alts etc. I'm sure it would have been a tad better if those things didn't happen and Tan wouldn't have so many excuses to ignore our concerns of the clans cheating and rigging battles(not like he cares anyway, but at least he has one less excuse).
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