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  1. Yes, the 'missing' binocs thing/bug happened to me 2 nights ago. I went to depot, confirmed I had my expected amount, went back to garage and the tank equipment spot now displayed the binos in the blank spot previous.
  2. Guys, the Rudy is still in the shop today and says 1 day to go...so Woof, Woof Dear Burn_e_Sanders! Thank you for your purchase in the the Wargaming.net Premium Shop. The items you purchased have been transferred to the account Burn_e_Sanders and are available in the game. Purchase information: Bundle you purchased: "On Rudolph!" Bundle cost: 25.78 CAD Order number: 33f8ad9e9f Transaction ID: 091e7784-afb Payment method: Undefined Date and time of purchase: 2015-12-10 15:54:35 UTC Best regards, Wargaming.net Premium Shop Team https://na.wargaming.net/shop/
  3. I assumed that HE with its bigger alpha will help get that initial track if your using a smaller caliber/alpha gun vs. an enemy with an expected high track module hp pool. eg. my tier8 light trying to track a tier10 heavy As mentioned above, once tracked the module hp to re-track is much lower (half?) so reloading standard AP to re-track and pen the side hull will usually work. I havent seen too much clarification on this 'hidden mechanic' but it appears to work this way.
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