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  1. Maybe my post sounds like I care more about my stats, but that's not what I meant. I'm merely proposing a quick fix (workaround) for the broken wn8 calculation on new tanks, until the new values are out.
  2. Thanks for the explanation and I appreciate all the efforts, but why can't wotlabs just use the highest expected value of the same tier and the same class on any new tanks? Since most new tanks are considered "OP". At least it's better than showing 0 WN8... I have been playing Swede tanks a lot lately, my recent will drop below 2k soon, if the new values are not out in a week or two.
  3. Serious questions now How do you prioritize targets - in a regular tank (i.e. non-SPG), I'd follow some common prioritization rules based on hp, location, armor, etc. but I found it difficult to do so in an arty. I often waste too many shells trying to take out low health enemies or tanks holding important positions moving in/out from cover. Should I go for the easier targets instead? How to overcome RNG and deal consistent damage in artys - arty is too RNG dependent, I had low or zero dmg games more often than not, which is why I stopped playing artys. Having a decent and consistent DPG in any arty seems impossible to me. I figure this must overlap with the first question, but do you have any specific tricks for maintaining consistent DPG? Why not AP in 261 - I thought AP is one of 261's strengths. Thanks
  4. Y U SO GUD HEART? Well done - I wish I can be half as good as you are with artys. I've unlocked pretty much everything on the tech tree except high tier artys, maybe it's time to resume artys grinds, can you share some of your replays?
  5. Special characters always cause some issues in XML, have you tried wrapping the path with the CDATA tag? See example below. <fileLocation><![CDATA[scripts\client\mods\sixthSense\]]></fileLocation>
  6. I used to hate A-44 as well, until I figured out how to drive this tank. Below are what worked for me. 1) Don't get shot You have no armor, you get shot you lose crew members and/or modules. 2) Don't snipe You won't hit much if you snipe from a bit longer distance, it gets very frustrating when you snipe and keep missing targets, so get close to enemy tanks. 3) Don't aim Don't sit there and wait for your reticle to zoom in, it takes tooooooo long and even when it's fully zoomed in, your shot can still eat dirt. Just use auto-aim and have faith in RNGsus, I found my hit ratio was surprisingly better than aiming by myself. 4) Do use APCR When facing anything with armor (anything that requires you to aim at weak spots with AP shells), just switch to APCR and auto-aim. A-44 isn't too bad once you know how to drive it. On the positive side, Obj 416 is absolutely worth the painful grind. Good luck!
  7. They snipe from behind the red line. The can even get the red line to move with them.
  8. Only problem is I don't have the girls yet.
  9. Wonderful, thanks. That's not a bad idea either, but female crew makes it even more sexier.
  10. inb4 pubbies cry about "TEA SNIPING"
  11. My next female crew shall be reserved for this beauty, anyone knows how many crew members she needs?
  12. Usually happens in two scenarios. - Pubbies get killed by CHAI players - Pubbies went full retard but still expect CHAI players to carry them to a win They hate us cuz they anus.
  13. This is how we do, yeah, camping, sitting back Straight sniping yeah we do it like that This is how we do, do do do do, this is how we do
  14. Your screenshot is the old mod, the new one has the tank parked 40m outside of the red line.
  15. XVM camo? easy, just make a post saying you offer WN8 improvement service free of charge but your overall WN8 must be < xxxx (the lower the better?) to be qualified, you must have tank A, tank B, etc (whatever you like to play) in garage with 2/3 skills crew. I'm sure you will be surprised to see how many people will contact you.
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