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  1. It seems the point at which you start to take fall damage is much more forgiving as long as you land on both tracks. Getting off the hill on, say, Mines for free is much easier to do than before. However, once you break past that point of no damage, the amount of damage you take increases much quicker. It's a net positive in my book.
  2. But but XCOM2 comes out that weekend :(. Anyway, I'll be there and will get the word out.
  3. I'll add my 2c since I'm one of those NA glue eaters. Yes, it is a lot of time to do well in the WGLNA, but no where near as much as it is to win or do well at GGF. For perspective, we probably put in 10 hours a week in scrims/prep to prepare for the GGFs. Now compare that to Virtrus Pro who was doing 8 hours a day for at least the week leading up to it. Can't say I'm super surprised we lost. What you put in is what you get out. And yes, while the prize pool is getting pretty decent in the NA, it's not enough to do full time. Mad respect for EL Gaming though.
  4. Been loving the game too. Haven't played a ton though as the population much past 200 deck power level seems to drop off immensely and playing modified starter decks feels like seal clubbing. Anyway, a couple tips: 1. TDs vs TDs will always hit each other making their tool-tip slightly incorrect. 2. Another benefit of lights is their ability to move, attack, and move again. For example, in RBS's 3rd to last spoiler screenshot, he could have moved the MS-1 at A1 to attack, backed off, then moved the 2nd MS-1 to finish off the TD. (Can't actually tell if he did this, but doesn't look like
  5. Just wanted to say thank you for what you guys did for the league those first couple of seasons. Your attempt at "carrying" the competitive scene was very noble, but it doesn't surprise me that the burnout was real when changes weren't happening as quickly as you wanted. I can't imagine spending the time and energy you guys spent.
  6. Google Play link is broken and I don't have a Spotify account EDIT: Thanks, looks great!
  7. Check out Dell Outlet if that is an option. Some surprisingly competitive deals and rigs available there assuming you catch them at the right time.
  8. If it works correctly, you will miss more shots you should miss and hit more shots you should hit. I think of it as actually reducing RNG. This is a big improvement to both esports and pubs. However, I don't see the meta changing all that much.
  9. How many players are online on a typical evening? For such an old game you'd think they'd have substantially more players leaving then joining. Reason I ask is that it seems in eve, as much as in any game, the players make the game. I'd love to give the game a shot, but I really can't commit to learning a whole new game. It's one of those things where I'm content reading about it and putting it in my proverbial backlog for when I find some of that elusive thing known as "time".
  10. When either the means or the ends stop being fun. WoT is addictive in that you have goals you get excited about (lacking in most FPS's) but the means to achieve those goals (pub battles) can be incredibly fun on their own (lacking in most MMOs). Luckily, I don't see either happening in the near future as long as Strongholds stay popular and tournaments stay supported. Personal missions coming tomorrow can't hurt either for giving me a reason to play.
  11. GeeForcer


    They come from the towns that start on easy or medium difficulty.
  12. GeeForcer


    Started playing this recently. It was one of the most relaxing games I've played in a while, but I also only encountered one tornado in my first 15 years. What speed do people play at? I started at 1x and then switched to 2x after a while to keep the relaxing atmosphere. My first game I used the default options so I was on a small map. I started getting claustrophobia even after only that short amount of time, so I'm considering ditching it and starting again on a large. City planning was more important than I first realized due to how limited the options are in vanilla for optimizing effi
  13. GeeForcer


    The problem is you can't hit squat with that .55 dispersion unless you aim in for a couple seconds or you are brawling. However, my experience may not be the norm as my tank had a flashing sign that said "shoot me, free gold".
  14. GeeForcer


    Really, really bad based on my experience playing it ~8 times on my sheriff account. It has no armor, isn't quick enough to play the flanker role, and the gun is horrendous. This is with running a full skill crew, prem ammo, and gold consumables. Arguably the worst tier 3 in the game.
  15. If this bothers you, you may want to verify Mi_Amigo isn't running CO2 in his 50 100
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