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  1. Looks really nice indeed. GL with the 3rd mark.
  2. exotic7 is worth noting for being a kid throwing tantrums in pub matches, but that's just my 2c.
  3. What's going on here? I am fully stationary (not that it matters in a light tank), passive, fresh 100% crew but Natural Cover directive used. The T28 moved down from the hill, drove straight to me and spotted me first.
  4. So, what's is the verdict on the line nowadays? Which TDs are keepers? I went through it during the last month's Top of the Tree on EU and have mixed feelings about it.
  5. They don't mean nothing anyhow. They never reflected the evolution of the game (maps, balance, progression speed & cost and so on) and also never reflected how much effort someone put towards getting those stats (solo or platoon, playing to get better or playing and hoping to get better and so on). As an analogy, just imagine Michael Jordan's stats in today's NBA, a lot of the players from today would simply loose their superstar status.
  6. A pixel tank will suffice :). I wear BOSS .
  7. It's "Polski" and "Lewandowski". SCNR! Yes, I am Polish, I want to be milked and I refuse to play the Russian/OP/bias/whatever stuff.
  8. Mods in 2018 are in a shitty state. I tried Aslain's, Webium's and played now roughly 1k battles with Solo's. Constant crashes and FPS degradation from 120 FPS to like 60 and even below. Whoever is programming them should be doing something else :P. I use just custom crosshairs and tank icons for now.
  9. @proloser: I can take your response only as trolling, sorry ;).
  10. Is anyone aware of an up to date resource, which describes where to start on the maps as LT, MT, HT, TD and arty (missions) ideally? I'd be thankful for any hints.
  11. I tried it too. I get sniped all the time, I guess I either need to learn the maps or open my eyes or get a bigger screen (15" laptop) or all of it. Once upon a time I'd say that the Ground Forces looked better than World of Tanks, but with 1.0 WoT looks really much nicer.
  12. Is anyone of you aware of anything that is planned for the game? I logged in for a couple of days and these are the things I'd love to see improved: Graphics: they look very very outdated in all aspects, inferior to even War Thunder's ground forces and far inferior to World of Tanks. Sounds: they seem to be just some placeholders. All tank engines seem to sound the same. UI: they have replaced most of the menu, but now we have a brown mixed with the old red/blue scheme. Vehicle handling: the vehicles feel all the same somehow, the ones with tyres feel like Super Mario Cart. The costs of the premium tanks seem to be a good joke, 50'ish, 60'ish € - one can get a full priced game for this with a bigger longevity. Going by this price tag my account should be worth thousands of €. DOH!!11halp! All in all, the game seems to have aged very very badly.
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