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  1. I find that the bounty equipment makes the normal equipment somehow "obsolete". I used to play a couple of tanks a session, but nowadays I'd rather play one thank that has the equipment on. What ever my goal is, be it grinding credits or marking a tank, it gets the equipment. That being said, I have a fully upgraded set and I started with vents, rammer, gld for the American t9 arty. hides
  2. What's the deal with this tank in random battles? How does this caliber overmatching mechanic work? I often find myself spamming HE because the gun leaves me down. I run hardening, rammer and stabilizer. Any ideas for different setups?
  3. InconnuGlitterBoy


    I am considering to put on full scout equipment on the WZ-120 :-). That's how "good" the tank is in the current meta. Waiting for the buff before I continue gun marking it. As for playing tips: I try to get 1-2 opportunistic shots early with it and then go somewhere where I can brawl.
  4. Sounds good. I spam also full gold. Managed to bring the win rate back to 50% and also ace tanked it. Good training for playing the Somua/Lorraine.
  5. Thank you for the input. I'll put a 2nd gun mark on that tank and sell it, with a ~45 win rate. On EU the line is soon Top of the Tree, so want to cash it in at full price. I find it hard to play without Optics. I went for IRM/Vstab/Optics for now.
  6. How to play this thing in randoms, which equipment? I am struggling with it like crazy.
  7. Myself and my brother are looking for a new clan. We're both greenish/blueish players, German & English (and also some Polish) speaking. I used to be deep blue/light purple but have lost my mojo or the brain cells responsible for that. We'd like to do more strongholds, more platooning and a CW campaign eventually. We have some CW compatible tanks. We can offer commitment, friendliness and willingness to learn. Our core times are from 8 to 11 pm CET during workdays and earlier/later during the weekend.
  8. That being said, I grinded the second phase of Steel Hunter nevertheless fully. That mode has potential, but it needs some serious effort on the side of WG.
  9. I like Frontline too. You can be on the losing side and still make a tons of credits, crew and tank experience. You can grind stock tanks with it, without screwing your stats (if you care). You can use tanks that in the random battles would actually need a full premium ammo spam. If it would be available, I'd play mostly Brawls and Frontline.
  10. The mode is a bad joke. It only shows how incompetent WG is. No balance and no effort / reward ratio. I can't believe that people actually have some pros over Frontline for this mode.
  11. ? Ruski TDs have a spotting button, it's perfectly fine to sit in the back behind any bushes and snipe. I often died in my first tank while everybody was dead, but I had top damage, so your logic is kinda flawed. It is expensive to respawn as it kills the ability timers and there is actual timer that gives the NPCs the time to travel. Once you start losing tanks in this mode, it is too late.
  12. Biggest issue for me: one can't disable the chat for this mode. Or ignore people. Being called a "useless piece of shit" by wannabe unitards in a PvE mode while making top place with just one tank is not funny. The game is a disgrace. Thank you https://wotlabs.net/eu/player/Pantoros & https://wotlabs.net/eu/player/SerEmil for ruining my afternoon. In the last weeks, the amount of times I had to tell people to fuck themselves for being total dicks exceeds good 25 years of gaming.
  13. Looks really nice indeed. GL with the 3rd mark.
  14. exotic7 is worth noting for being a kid throwing tantrums in pub matches, but that's just my 2c.
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