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  1. Playing EBR 75 with one Bour and other medium (STA-2 or Bour.), sitting at 77% WR after 58 battles. One yellow, one green, one blue. Guess it works.
  2. That's a really good theory crafting, but for maybe 1% of the matches? From my perspective, for most platoons this will not be applicable, as the matches in random battles play by themselves, aka the game being called a "15 : 1 simulator" by now. You get put on a red team, your super duper platoon composition and equipment will mean nothing. You get put on a green team, your super duper platoon composition and equipment will mean nothing. Sure, it will help with farming, but I don't see a decisive factor for winning in mismatched teams. Then again, I have to make disclaimer: I haven'
  3. Your problem, not mine. Objectively there are many differences and the common denominator is "bad for the game". Not everything bad is comparable, but hey add some EBR whine and what not to this thread, it keeps it tidy and on topic. I don't like the 15 to 0 roflstomps on either side. This particular bot is a 3x% bot on tier 9/10 with a WN8 of 1 in his S. Conq while being a ~60% WR, ~3000 WN8 bot (?) in a Luchs. The discrepancy is so huge, by now I am considering this to be a former seal clubbing account which got sold to a botter.
  4. Do I really have to explain the difference between a bot and an arty to you? I am not mad at a bot, I am mad because for years this issue hasn't been solved by WG. "It" went there at the start of the battle, made two shots late into the game and got 1 kill. 153 exp for a bot whereas the Strv who made close to 3k got 194 exp. Do you think that this is a healthy ratio?
  5. Please forgive me, feel free to move this to the correct forums section. Anybody care to explain this to me: https://wotlabs.net/eu/player/Luxembourgeois_Bivange Do the bots work so well nowadays at low tiers to give one an overall WR of 55%? Is this the new meta? Stats pad with a bot at tier 1 and play at 3x% at high tiers? WG got to be kidding us all not to ban such accounts for good. Needless to say, the bot got more exp than me.
  6. A responsibility to at least not fuel the fires? The game is burning by itself and the fuel is the money WG gets from us. SirFoch is merely an observer and being the pessimist and sarcastic person that he is, it made him miserable to watch the game burn. All his "whining" can be easily translated to good suggestions of how the game could improve.
  7. Fine, but does it validate statements like "the only good thing he ever did for the community" or the generalization of his fanbase as true? And before someone accuses me of being a butthurt fan, I rarely watched SirFoch. Happy lockdown Sunday to you all.
  8. Don't hit the messenger. Bonus: you sound like you are quite full of yourself.
  9. All of his points are valid. In addition: WoT is a game where you spend 300 € on loot boxes one day and regret it the next day. WG under delivered in 2020 in the core mechanics area, big time: no ammo/hp rework, no crew 2.0, equipment 2.0 is a joke. I don't mind the pay to win power creep that the game has become, but I'd like to have some value for my money spent and not 10 matches in a row where I am on the red team. And being 10 times in a row on a green team is as shit.
  10. I find that the bounty equipment makes the normal equipment somehow "obsolete". I used to play a couple of tanks a session, but nowadays I'd rather play one thank that has the equipment on. What ever my goal is, be it grinding credits or marking a tank, it gets the equipment. That being said, I have a fully upgraded set and I started with vents, rammer, gld for the American t9 arty. hides
  11. What's the deal with this tank in random battles? How does this caliber overmatching mechanic work? I often find myself spamming HE because the gun leaves me down. I run hardening, rammer and stabilizer. Any ideas for different setups?
  12. I am considering to put on full scout equipment on the WZ-120 :-). That's how "good" the tank is in the current meta. Waiting for the buff before I continue gun marking it. As for playing tips: I try to get 1-2 opportunistic shots early with it and then go somewhere where I can brawl.
  13. Sounds good. I spam also full gold. Managed to bring the win rate back to 50% and also ace tanked it. Good training for playing the Somua/Lorraine.
  14. Thank you for the input. I'll put a 2nd gun mark on that tank and sell it, with a ~45 win rate. On EU the line is soon Top of the Tree, so want to cash it in at full price. I find it hard to play without Optics. I went for IRM/Vstab/Optics for now.
  15. How to play this thing in randoms, which equipment? I am struggling with it like crazy.
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