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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to kolni in Ranked Q3 2021 - Hive Mind Questions   
    The trick to this is zoom>aim down>W before you poke and NOT during and you’ll get it down eventually
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to Expendable_Lad in Ranked Q3 2021 - Hive Mind Questions   
    With I could upvote 10x. Will start practicing. 
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to DrJ_Zoidberg in Ranked Q3 2021 - Hive Mind Questions   
    10v10 is pretty nice as far as opening up the map and making it less of a locked down campfest, on some maps.
    I think the meta gets sour as you go up in divisions because people start trying harder to "not lose" vs trying to win. I've found if you make an aggressive move and it works you're rewarded heavily, but you may also make a winning play and not get chevrons because you die too early. I'll spam HELP a few times when I'm pushing and hope for the best.
    Fast tanks are key to consistency but harder to make moves unless you have some armor.
    Here's a decent example of making a play, could have gone worse because my pubbies didn't actually push with me they just hung back to try to farm the guys i was pushing but it was clear the is-7 and kran on the 1 line were isolated, always look for isolated tanks and try to get a group to go with you to push them.
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    InconnuGlitterBoy got a reaction from Expendable_Lad in Ranked Q3 2021 - Hive Mind Questions   
    Anyone with an idea which off meta tanks could work? Want to play around the bond limit.
    At the moment I am giving the E50 Ausf. M a try,  Turbo, Hardening, Rotation as a 2ndary config, to ram all those light meds.
    Seems to be working:

    I am really really bad at it. 140 - 57% WR, STB-1 - 39% WR.
    And I played the STB-1 in a CW campaign :/.  But only on one map (Westfield, K0 rush).
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to Expendable_Lad in Ranked Q3 2021 - Hive Mind Questions   
    Dude. I still do this all the time. I'll be on a ridge line thinking I am maxing out gun depression and being taking shots to the lower plate - I move my mouse down and be like "oh, there's another 4 degrees to use here" it's a seriously bad habit I am working on. 
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    InconnuGlitterBoy got a reaction from Expendable_Lad in Ranked Q3 2021 - Hive Mind Questions   
    @Expendable_Lad: you're a far better player than me, so you will do just fine.
    I gave it a "serious" try for the first time since I play WoT. Currently in the 2nd division.
    Is it worth it?
    I guess this is really personal and depends on how you define worth. E.g. I played a clan war campaign and got the Chief but I am utterly shite in it, so in retrospective it was not worth the tank, but it was worth the experience and friendships.
    Even as a mediocre player I have the feeling that Ranked gives me new insights and teaches me some patience which I can use in Randoms. 
    I hope though, that I will use the Concept better than the Chief.
    Is it personal-score maxing?
    Yes, yet I would sometimes sacrifice myself to do a key play and take out a tank in a key position.
    Sometimes just to piss someone off :P.
    I guess the key is not to have any bad games, when the team is losing.
    Any other words...
    I suck at hull down, so I took the Progetto. 140 has been put on fire too many times.
    On EU there are many many many Kranvagns.
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to Panzergraf in Ranked Q3 2021 - Hive Mind Questions   
    I like the 10v10 format
    I like that they banned reward tanks
    I like the rewards, and you don't even need to make the leagues to earn lots of bonds (and a million credits just for qualifying)

    I don't like the hulldown ridgeline meta, which is in part because of the map selection
    I don't like that it's limited to just certain hours - most of which I am at work during
    I don't like the arbitrary "role bonus" thing
    I don't like that some players of the winning team aren't given chevrons. Plenty of things you can do to help win the match aren't directly rewarded by XP, and it just incentivices ego play as it's better to be on top of the losing team than bottom of the winning team.

    And I'd prefer if it was any other tier. Tier 9 ranked would be fun, maybe.
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to Balthazars in Field Modifications   
    Thanks for clarifying this by the way. I guess in some regard at least WG sort of thought through some of those second bonus slots - mobility on TDs would be close to an automatic pick for the majority given IRM is so good for casemate TDs and quite a number would also benefit quite nicely from an improved Turbo. Also noting they avoided giving the firepower slot to Mediums or scouting to Heavies.
    In terms of the field modifications, it's good that they put trade-offs so that they're not just flat out improvements, but I will admit that some of them are quite severe to the extent that when I look at them I don't want to use them - for example, on my M48 Patton, through a field modification I would have to choose between losing 3kph top speed or 3% view range. I use turbo on the Patton, so if I want to eek out even more view range, I'm almost putting myself back in the situation as if I didn't have the turbo. Pretty limiting. On the other hand, some are a bit silly and are clear no-brainers (again on the Patton, extra hull and turret traverse speed in return for even more penalties for damaged engine/gun? No brainer here given the existence of re-usable large repair kits).
    There's some potential good stuff in here but it feels clunky and kind of unpolished. I also hate the interface because you can't see how much XP you have accumulated on the tank once you enter the field modifications section.
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to sr360 in The Full Stealth Build   
    With Auxiliary Loadout, the Stealth setup just became even more powerful, with the ability to swap to a firepower setup at will. Notably, the Bourrasque, K-91, T49 and 13 105 sparkle with the 2 loadouts. Once I unlock them on my 9s, I'll test them there too.
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to CraBeatOff in Field Modifications   
    Same on the Bourrasque. Gets a vision slot now. And 3% more camo fr field modifications. A tier 9 LT with tier 8 MM.
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to sr360 in Field Modifications   
    We run bond optics, CVS (in scouting slot) and bounty exhaust
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to lavawing in Equipment 2.0 & Platoon compositions & Tactics   
    Jesus just the BR + Bor combo would net you 70% winrate - guaranteed vision advantage
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Equipment 2.0 & Platoon compositions & Tactics   
    Getting massive win rate in a platoon depends on two things. The skill of the players within the platoon, and the tanks being used. 3 blue or better players in a platoon can make enough of an impact to mitigate team imbalances and have an astronomical win rate. If you're below that skill level then your individual skills wont make a difference and you'll see very marginal benefits if any at all. You first need to be able to outplay pretty much everyone you face, then you get 2 more people who can also outplay anything they face. To boost your win rate higher you then fine tune what tanks you're playing which is what this topic is about.
    Theory crafting is great but its really only for higher levels of play to optimize your ass kicking.
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to sr360 in Your Excluded Maps   
    I'm surprised to see Paris mentioned so often-- makes me think you haven't played Paris with a competent LT player. Paris does have limited tactical options but my bans are based on me playing a very vision-centric light tank heavy rotation for the last many months.
    Top Choice: PEARL RIVER. Why would you leave this in and ban Paris? Take Paris, and remove every tactical choice you have and you get Pearl River. There is no vision play, no flex, just push into the brawl zone and brawl. The flank out west has chokepoints 1-2 TDs can control, but if you try to probe there a surprise TD will wipe out half your HP. Just say no.
    Second choice: Abbey. The archetypical 3-corridor map, with no vision opportunities. The mid-rush-with-TD-blap is almost guaranteed, and the other options are push the trench and die or brawl the 1-2 while getting ass pounded by arty.
    Honorable mentions: Minsk, Berlin and Empire's Border. Having said that, in Minsk you can do vision work down the mid ridge, and late game there are ample vision opportunities. Empire's Border is also an issue of staying alive, but the southern brawl is paramount, and is imbalanced too. Berlin has no field play, it's all city.
    Airfield is always a contender, but it has some vision flex opportunities mid to late game. This is the archetypical YPYL map. Overlord is also horribly uninteresting.
    Prok and Mali: if you ban these I will never talk to you again. Ever. Fish Bay is actually a solid LT map, but it is imbalanced in that North has the better spotting bush.
    Other maps mentioned: Mines-- middle gets the attention but 1 line play is more tactically interesting. Studz is a fabulous late game LT map, almost one of the best in the game. Pilsen also has some interesting mid to late game tactical plays.
    In the last month alone, I've racked up 6-8k spotting games on Minsk, Studz, Westfield, Redshire, Mines, Glacier, Muro, Highway, Fish Bay, Sand River, and El Halluf. Mali and Prok I go in looking for 10k games.
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to PlanetaryGenocide in Equipment 2.0 & Platoon compositions & Tactics   
    Just bring three T49's they can do literally everything up to and including 300 damage to the front of a Maus ez 

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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to MagicalFlyingFox in AMX 50 100 Appreciation Thread   
    The lorry is a 50 100 with a more manageable clip size and more speed in exchange for pretty much the same effective armour - not much.
    The somua is also a 50 100 but with a slightly more manageable clip with a fuck better reload and actual armour in exchange for a bit of speed... which helps gun handling
    50 100 is just in a shit spot. It takes a while to realise you can't get away with a lot of things and there are other tanks that can do everything you can do but better.
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to Private_Miros in GSORRY 1000008   
    The GSOR and Bisonte seem to be the new standard for premium tanks. Not OP, shit to play, but also shit to play against.
    (Well, they are not shit, they are decent to good, but annoying to play due to bad gun handling, or long magazine reload)
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to Snoregasm2 in Your Excluded Maps   
    I'd identify with the rationale of these two posts more than any others:
    Anyone saying Mali or Prok needs their head examined. Unless you play a Maus, they're two of the best maps in the entire game - win or lose, if you play semi-competently they're guaranteed farms. I also saw Karelia mentioned - literally the best Assault map in game, and decent on Standard. Paris is fine IMO - if you avoid field, you can enjoy it. I go to the heavy corner in everything except maybe lights. Paper meds, TDs etc. - all belong in heavy corner for the free farm. Berlin is poor overall, but in a Russian med/other armoued med/heavium, on Encounter, it's almost a guaranteed Ace Tanker. Just rush cap and farm - simple. A lot of people hate Fisherman's Bay but there are worse maps to ban. I agree with heavies though - it sucks to play. How do people not enjoy Ghost Town? Assault is maybe the 2nd best after Karelia. Literally just pulled a casual 6k on Asaault with the LIS in between typing this - http://wotreplays.eu/site/5680509#ghost_town-snoregasm2-cs-52 (check the time stamp) Abbey and Airfield both share single map ban slot for me, on rotation. Both stagnant, arty death traps with limited flex and, once locked into a flank, hard to disengage. Also, limited early vision makes it hard to know which flank to pick, making it a dice roll at the start of each game (also why sometimes you can get big games on them, despite their flaws). My other ban is Minsk. I just don't know it, and I will not learn. Every time I unban it to try it I seem to have horrific teams, which lead to horrific games, which leads to banning again. It seems that pubbies playing it for years still don't know how to play it, so I don't see why I should have to either. One thing no one has mentioned (that I can see) is that Encounter/Assault impacts this a lot. If bans got rid of those modes too, it would make Mines and maybe Erlenberg viable map bans as well. As is, no point banning either when you can still get them in the rotation. 
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to yoyoya2 in Explain this to me please   
    Imagine playing arty and getting mad at a bot

    Honestly that a decent spot for a Sconq to farm some late dmg which is why he probably did better than you  even if he did nothing to help win
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Explain this to me please   
    Id be mad too if a bot outplayed me
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to lavawing in Explain this to me please   
    bots can get 55% ish winrates with certain TDs and arties at low tiers (source: a certain friend of mine)
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to kolni in Explain this to me please   
    u can have 95% wr’s by 3PlatJ’ing at tier III as pretty much blue players.
    tier average exists and service Record exist to verify level, inflation is a thing
    at low tiers a bot likely mechanically outplays new players enough for a positive winrate isn’t something i would dismiss as possible. not at high tiers cuz bot can’t macro. 
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to GehakteMolen in Explain this to me please   
    Even years ago basic bots could get yellow / green stats (even on tier 5-6 tier tanks afaik).
    All a bot needs to do (if its say an KV-1s)
    Go to an easy to defend key point / the best place on each map (a certain corner, a certain bush) Wait xx amount of time for enemy to show up, if no enemy, move to next place, when enemy spotted, stop and use auto aim Repeat and profit Even with basic moving patterns, you easy outperm 50% of the player, doing your own hit points of damage as heavy means positive winratio after a while for old KV-1s, thats just over 2 hits average, with auto aim and enough pen to penetrate same tier tanks head on, thats easy doable...
    TL:DR: the average wot player is awefull both with positioning and shooting, so an bot going to the right side and using autoaim will outperform half the player base easy...
    ps: i bet an bot in a T-10 loading full heat, or a T30 or E4, so it will pen most shots will also win 50% 2/3 of the players wont do more as 3 hits of dmg in an E4 a bot loading APCR and just camping at the right spots should do that...
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    InconnuGlitterBoy reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in Explain this to me please   
    This just looks like one particular breed of proclubber. It sits in a single bush on every map, usually with binocs and camo net, with the plan to shoot at everything that comes within range. By the time you have a good crew with full camo and some view range stuff, it can actually be reasonably effective because new players + bad crews = magic invisible sniper tank. The higher up the tiers you go, the more the approach falters because being inactive the bulk of the game becomes more and more problematic. You also have increasingly less gap between your super crew and the average opponent's crew. At tier 10 it completely crashes because it's taking a top tier tank out of the game every time. Note how much worse it performs in heavies than TDs, because at least it's matching the TD's role.
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    InconnuGlitterBoy got a reaction from Fedaykin89 in Farewell, SirFoch! o7   
    A responsibility to at least not fuel the fires? The game is burning by itself and the fuel is the money WG gets from us.
    SirFoch is merely an observer and being the pessimist and sarcastic person that he is, it made him miserable to watch the game burn.
    All his "whining" can be easily translated to good suggestions of how the game could improve.
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