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  1. Doesn't matter, if caliber = 3x nominal armor thickness then no ricochet will happen even if the impact angle is more than 70° from normal.
  2. We just had it at the start of January http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/44/end-year-specials-2014/#2015%20is%20a%20Winner
  3. According to the about IM's you just need to remain unspotted until you do/spot the amount of damage required.
  4. Or my ISP doesn't like Mediafire. The file downloads like 1 kb per minute and then fails.
  5. Got a mirror for the download? Mediafire seems to be down.
  6. I know people shame themselves here for shit performance in game but this...? I wrote a rant about it and deleted it but I still want my helicopter and spacecraft from that patent... you know, since only mentioning the part *you* believe in is cool.
  7. It's a shit rule that's not enforced by anyone and they don't really even care if your account is played from USA and China at the same time.
  8. Red = shit Orange = shit Yellow = shit Green = shit Blue = shit Purple = probably OK.
  9. Your unreasonable prejudice is that you believe Finns actually speak anything
  10. You can keep your chat disabled and still spam it full of what ever. No need to macro enable/disable for it.
  11. http://wiki.worldoftanks.com/Battle_Mechanics http://worldoftanks.com/encyclopedia/vehicles/ I don't see any baddie favored RNG in any of them. I've access to a red, green and purple account and all of them seem to have same statistics displayed for average damage, penetration, aim time, accuracy etc. for same guns so I'm quite certain, that if you're trying to actually prove that baddie RNG is a real deal then you're the one that's responsible on providing that proof. Are the above links enough or do you want SerB or Storm to make an official post that baddie favored RNG doesn't exist? I don't know any Russian and take FTR with a grain of salt so you can go dig through that yourself. Sadly I can't show you the source code either. Even if a lot of games level the playing field for good and bad players I don't see it happening in tanks, it's a fucking miracle if a red player ends up as the top xp and/or damage player of a match where there are greens and above present who don't YOLO rush or get one shotted by 183/WTFE100/clickers at the beginning. Didn't you also contradict your own statement that the game favors baddies in ? how is that RNG favoring baddies? Even by WGs own rating you're definitely not a baddie yet you still get this god like RNG at times. That would rather imply that RNG for players is defined when the match begins and you're not working hard enough to make the bad RNG work, hard to say without replays. EDIT: how do I edit in the authors to quotes?
  12. I do joke about orange arty players doing a #720yolonoscope arty hits while both me and them are on the move and 1 shotting me and rage like a drunken sailor with tourettes when it actually does happen... I don't think it happens all that often though and most of the time I don't even notice the 10 shells they had to shoot at me before actually hitting since they ended up a few hundred meters in the wrong way anyway.
  13. What's that post about swimming and LoL and what does it have to do with WoT? /confused
  14. I shame myself :b AMX 50 B stronkererest skeut (even tho 290 players probably disagree) In retrospect playing while shitfaced isn't the best idea.
  15. It's Sea Falcon's Damage Panel if I remember correctly. https://sites.google.com/site/sfcompletemodpack/downloads/damage-panel
  16. I don't even... wut? From what I remember FROG used to be a good clan but these guys sure make it easy to make those white flag french jokes, gg was close All three suicided at the start of the round
  17. Obj. 268 and T110E4 would be the lines I'd pick, both lines are full of OP fun tanks and you get a few decent credit grinders from the lower tier ones as well.
  18. Irish Bomber 'Blew Himself Up Because He Forgot About Clocks Changing' http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/04/03/irish-bomber-blew-himself_n_5081970.html 42%'er spotted in Dublin

  19. Sold this right after buying it during the IS-6 grind. Decided to rebuy it for the weekend special (fuck me for not actually reading that the 3x XP is only valid once a day) and managed 14 straight wins with it with pretty decent dpg. There's absolutely nothing good about it though, at least the French have guns that actually do something unlike this big pile of crap. 0/10 would not recommend
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