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  1. I just saw this post right now @CraBeatOff @TheDivision lol. I have 3 improved equipments already. I put them all on my M103 because I’m terrible.
  2. Yes. Incompetence triggers me. Wait...aren't you the guy who cried for half the thread about the meme that was originally based? Now all of a sudden you're okay with it because your numbers returned? I mean you literally CRIED about xvm creators not realizing "how important it is" to people! #fromthestreets
  3. FFS **you're**!!!! If you're English fucking act like it. I'm done. I just can't......
  4. I'm pretty fucking sure that the metrics were created as a means of measuring improvement. Not for thin skinned Donald Trumpers to obsess / attempt to validate that they too are special people.
  5. I just don't understand why people try so hard to get confirmation from others that they are "good" at this Game Just play. Have fun. Be "good".
  6. http://admeter.usatoday.com/2017/02/06/the-5-worst-super-bowl-li-commercials-on-ad-meter/
  7. 95% of the WoT community are exactly that though..... and that's being generous when factoring in all servers.
  8. That was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek expression. Guess I could have relayed that better.
  9. He owns a T-22 and rigged to get it.... just like everyone else who owns it. Big deal dude. It's old news. If that bugs you to a level that you want to lash out then yes, maybe you should take a break. The logic you apply to the extremely bad players needing to quit is equivalent to someone thinking that all good players should be banned because they do not help the team to win. I saw this logic applied in the main forums. The argument was all they care about is wn8 and not playing as a team. So they should be banned and/or quit. Sounds ridiculous right? Well in their minds they
  10. So the guy is crap at the game. Got it. A dime a dozen. But let me get this straight....you TK him in a completely separate game because he's terrible and YOU initiate a cancerous pm to him in a fit of rage? He did nothing to you personally besides completely fail at tanks and then you post it for all to see? I actually applaud him for maintaining his composure after your douchebag actions. This is the type of crap shitters do to good players all the time. It's annoying. So why are you doing it to others? Don't be a fucking dick head for no reason dude.
  11. I remember about 10 months back (I was still living at my old house so my timing is pretty accurate), we had a discussion about new goals in the game to keep us going.  I had just hit 68% (not 67.5) and I told you my goal was getting 70% overall w/r.  You said I had so many battles that it would be impossible.

    Today is the day I beat WoT.  70% overall.  W/R pad is best pad.  Nothing is more satisfying than winning! Screw WN8!

    1. TheMarine0341
    2. sr360


      I'm glad you made it, 1st! Well done, you have truly beaten tanks!

  12. Go to #5 http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/242819-a-sit-down-with-1stanks-player-interview-staff-edition/
  13. Who the fuck is FixerReloaded? Waits to the end of the match, when the win is had, to say some stupid fucking childish comment like this. No one was even talking to him. Thought school was in session on Fridays. Of course losses will happen. Keep your fucking suck shut unless spoken to. Fucking shitter.
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