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  1. Much like tanks made sacrifices to distance to keep things interesting, WoWS needs to do the same thing, but for time instead of distance. I know what you feel about maps being too big and too small - playing the game at 1.5-2x speed (no changes to cap timings or battle duration) would mitigate a lot of problems.
  2. If I were Smylee, I'd be more insulted by that bribe than an actual apology; he has reasons to feel hurt and I owed him an explanation not a notion that I see 10k as more valuable than his feels. A clan is more like a family than a corporation; taking toys away from the belligerent and giving them to the aggrieved is how you settle disputes in a family... between toddlers, not adults.
  3. I believe "wow... seriously... dude c'mon..." was my official response to Huck's impulse decision. For the record, everyone I've removed from OTTER (and there has been many) has had a message from me explaining why... it's simply common courtesy. Huck and I don't always see eye to eye, nor do Random and I, nor did External and I; I won't rule with an iron fist, I won't demand that guys there every night check with me on every decision. I certainly would have liked to have signed off on this but until Easter I only have an hour or so each night in which to play tanks and talk with my officers.
  4. omg its google the point of recruiting a streamer is you don't have to grow them at home.
  5. We wants 1-2 decent and active streamers to do their thing and also some OTTER CW/Stronghold Raids/CW Exhibition from time to time. Mad goaldz negotiable. Rerolls with less than 10k battles need not apply. PM me here or on the WoT forums.
  6. Tan must be having a wonderful holiday season. Nothing brings joy to a person like thousands of people calling you an incompetent scumbag.
  7. Who is the girl in your DP?

    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      Is someone horny now?

  8. The day he last shit posted is the day he left...

  9. tbh this is pretty tempting, but im not a fan of the reliability or price point of 1st gen new stuff.
  10. Quake HQ, ~270 on VDSL2. It seems I was trying to justify spending an extra $100 on beer instead of CPUs, so yes the i7 is likely in my future.
  11. Something I do a lot of is taking poorly written complex queries and making them better while ranting about indexes and pulling hair out by the fistful when I see people needlessly sorting tens of millions of rows that they table scanned using a nested loop join they googled. And yes, I meant the 4690K.
  12. Gents, before hitting reply, please consider I have a low tolerance for bullcrap, fanboyism and opinions of those that googled the topic for 3 minutes I've been putting off upgrading my PC by selectively buying parts and upgrades at various points. Initially I was waiting for Ivybridge to be released before I upgraded from my Phenom X6 1055T in order to stream but during that wait my interest in streaming waned and I kinda forgot about it. Recently my friend has upgraded to some i5 based computer built 12 months ago and playing around with Tanks on maximum settings while streaming 1080
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