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  1. You know, I'm all for a player wanting to become better and improve, but the fact that he's 52% and calls others baddies, and has an extremely cocky and arrogant attitude just makes him look like a huge douche.
  2. Now he's saying I was in OTTER, lol.
  3. I'd first off like to showcase this wonderful and non-arrogant title: And then later today, a polite PM from him: The picture he linked is below:
  4. No look, the majority of PUPEH had nothing to do with this, they are not to be shamed.
  5. I was going to do this once, but then I realised the person had more problems than me.
  6. And just so you and other PUPEHs know, you aren't in trouble. Only King is, I'm fairly sure.
  7. The replay stays with me, however, I will post screenshots of proof that the PUPEHs stood down and got killed purposely by King.
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