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  1. (I don't use XVM)


    So I loaded up on himmelsdorf enccounter in my M103. Only 1 T10 per side, and one T9 per side. Conversation as follows:


    Me: "Arty, that E-100 is your top priority"

    Teammate: "Not really"

    Me: "Is he bad?"

    Teammate: "Ya"

    Teammate: "Really bad"

    Me: "Shoot HE bad? Or overextend bad?"

    Teammate: "Very low XVM rating"

    Me: "WR?"

    Teammate: "25%"


    (I still don't know where he got that number)










    How does someone get 4.6k battles and not get pegged as a bot?

    Look up x666REAPERx

  2. You know, I'm all for a player wanting to become better and improve, but the fact that he's 52% and calls others baddies, and has an extremely cocky and arrogant attitude just makes him look like a huge douche.

  3. I'd first off like to showcase this wonderful and non-arrogant title:




    And then later today, a polite PM from him:




    The picture he linked is below:





  4. Going on record judging this action as douchebaggery

    King whoever is a labeled DB

    Unless he is removed from his position in PUPEH, then the clan (maybe not every member) is a DB clan

    No look, the majority of PUPEH had nothing to do with this, they are not to be shamed.
  5. I had a 29% win rate in the Lowe, despite having pretty good stats in it (other than WR).


    All I did was just platooned with other people, and played behind other heavies as support, before finally bringing it up to 53%.


    Then I sold it, because I realized "Hey, the Lowe fucking sucks. Fuck this."


  6. The turret is wider than you think it is.

    There should be enough space for the breach,the loaders stand beside the gun while the commander sits near the MG turret.

    There will only be about 2~4 rounds in the turret itself,most are going to be stored in the hull.

    Wait it's turreted?

  7. A thread that me and MesoTroniK thought up a little while back.


    Everyone submits their Jagdpanzer E-100 designs. You pick five of the most probable of your designs, and the community will vote on who has the most probable/possible/realistic designs.


    To join, simply ask, or submit a design (as long as it attempts to be realistic).




  8. So there have been plans and rumors to remove the tier 4 LeFH18B2 in 8.6, due to the massive nerfs/changes/buffs/rebalances to arty.


    It's changed stats are as follows:



    5 (from 4)


    MM balance weight:

    14.4 (from 10)




    Hull armor:



    Turret armor:



    Speed limit:




    53/104/64 (from 53/150/64)




    Rate of fire:




    0.73 (from 0.49)

    Aim time:



    View range:



    Signal range:




    30 090



    1 500icon_gold.png


    Overall a nerf, but it may become rare. Or possibly only temporarily removed? Who knows, but it's removed from the test, and is planned to be removed from live server on 8.6 release.

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