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    MotorizedPatriot got a reaction from Ollie Tabooger in Name and Shame Thread, (ArrogantWorms sucks at technical stuffz)   
    King may not be the angel you think he is.

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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to Tav in Feed the hamster, WG.   
    Comparing a temporary disruption of service to a video game to permanent destruction of property, material, loss of livelihood, etc. is a massive exaggeration. Calm down, buddy. It's just a game. Why you heff to be mad?
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to SHISHKABOB in Garbad perma-banned from WoT Forum? aka Stalin v Hitler debate   
    the forums will never be the same again
    IMO I think it's ridiculous that somebody like garbad gets the boot before someone like jsnazz
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to Never in WoTLabs News and Updates (09/07/2013)   
    Hello!   A couple of updates: - K/D Ratio has been removed from the signature image and replaced with Kills per Game (Avg. Kills). After a long discussion on the WoTLabs forum, the consensus was that K/D Ratio does not do a good job indicating a player's skill. The best alternative was decided to be Kills per Game. - Average Experience has been removed from the signature image because seriously, it's just flawed (exp values with premium bonuses / other bonuses are stored by Wargaming, instead of the base exp). Replaced with Average Tier. - Fixed an issue where a player's stats would not update via the signature image generation.   In other news, yesterday we broke 20.000 visits! In only 1 month, WoTLabs' visits per day has increased from 14.000 to now over 20.000. We are also very close to reaching 500.000 players tracked across the 3 servers, and we have something special planned to celebrate it. Stay tuned!
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to HibachiSniper in How to rig a Pub?   
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to kittikat in Grey_Owl   
    Oh, I guess I should make one of these, since I banned him
    Anyhow, the constant Hitler crap, the Nazi/Godwinning of threads, the harrassment of our users on the forums, the private harrassment of our users through PM, the ignoring of multiple warnings, and the constant threads for the sole purpose of flamebaiting was enough to slap him with that perma.
    Grey_Owl has something like 10-15 posts, not one of them was contributing in the least, and all were condescending troll-posts.
    We really don't need that crap on these forums. The needs of the many...
    The WoT Forums can have him back.
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to orangyvv in Am I next?   
    Apparently Im a WOT badpoaster.
    Am I the next ban victim?
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to Allurai in Sulomon   
    Most of his garbage posts were canned.

    SULOMON is a spammer, troll and neg rep farmer on the WoT boards. He started up his antics over here and was removed from the forum.
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to Allurai in AlphaTanker101   
    I'm gonna go ahead and guess that "AlphaTanker101_v2" has just figured out that he can't verify his account again. Also as a pro tip, 'Hide from active users list' doesn't hide you from my active users list.
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to Allurai in Reputation system changes   
    We have changed the reputation point limits for the major user groups on the forum to promote you guys all giving + rep to good posts and guides that are worthy of it.
    Guest/Validating/Registered User: +0/-0
    Verified Tanker: +10/-1
    Trusted/Purple: +10/-2
    The reason for these changes is quite simple. We want you to use your + votes each day to ensure that great content, whether its tips, a guide, a question being answered. Good content is usually appreciated across the community, so the community should help us in identifying it.
    + rep should be used to freely indicate that something is a good post, valued information, hilarious etc.
    - rep should be used to identify shit posts, threads, users etc.
    - rep should be more valuable than + rep
    People should be encouraged to give + rep to gud poasts, and hold their - rep as precious and sacred for a shitpoast turly deserving of it.
    At this point, the +s greatly outweigh the -s. This means that good poasts will appear gud, the bad poasts will appear slightly bad. Due to the disparity, users that poast gudpoasts will get more and more + rep. Users that don't post gudpoasts won't get much +rep. Neg rep will have little influence on the users overall rep given that + votes should greatly outweigh - votes.
    Anyone with rep below 0 should then consider themselves walking on thin ice, and the moderators will be watching.
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to Jeeps in Competition rigging on the NA server   
    Dude, don't smear PBKACS name by implying we've done anything remotely like this. 
    Asking people to go up-vote your entry in a competition is hardly blatant cheating like you did. in fact it's not cheating at all.
    You can claim to be doing it for a good reason all you want, but at its core you still cheated, and you still made my clan look bad(see Ziddy's post). You need to stop being a fool. The WOT forums are one thing, but don't bring that bullshit here. 
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to KingAlphyn in Competition rigging on the NA server   
    Cool story, bro.
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to KingAlphyn in Competition rigging on the NA server   
    I never accused you of statpadding. I called you a hostile moron poisonous to any cooperative environment. Then I cooperated with others to rig a  competition.
    Seriously, bro? Between the leadership role in the Big Rig and the creative-contest vote-stacking, you're really going to say that? Really?
    Agreed. Been saying this for a year and a half.
    I will confirm this. At no point did Ziddy instruct me to cheat.
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to Tuco22 in Competition rigging on the NA server   
    I'm just mad i didn't think of this first. 
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to EchelonIII in Competition rigging on the NA server   
    Personally making an example of Kingalphyn is as good as it gets, he's not only bad, but he's stepped on the toes of quite a few good players....
    Time to kick out the baddeh 56er if you asked me, lock up his account and throw away the key.
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to CraBeatOff in Some teaching points from WoTLabs platoonmates   
    Yesterday, I ran with a few WoTLabs forum folk in some pub battles. In trying to help them out, without being too much of a dick, I came across some stuff I thought I'd share with the community. Names shall not be named, but they can feel free to step forward to add their own insight, or PM me to correct any wildly wrong perceptions I might have.
    First, I play with Encounter on, because I generally have fast tanks (lots of light tanks), I like how it changes the map dynamics, and how the cap is slower than standard. Because of this, I see some maps more than others, luckily they happen to be maps I generally like (less chance of Redshire or Highway!)
    First is the Malinovka hill, in a T29 platoon. From the North/West spawn there are two places you can safely project power on the Malinovka hill. The first is the A8 hulldown area and the second is the windmill. If there is no arty, then there are some ridges a little closer (to the enemy chokepoint) where you can also project power and still be safe from snipers below. My platoonmate lost a fair bit of HP in the no-mans-land between the A8 ridge and the windmill. He either hesitated or stopped to shoot without committing to making the dash across.
    Don't make this mistake! Not just on this area of this particular map, but in all such common areas. You need to assess the risk of pushing forward (which our 3rd did, due to better spawn and experience) or sit back in a defensible place. The A8 ridge isn't arty safe per se, but its got enough room to maneuver and get lights out, and it has the possibility of retreat, which the windmill does not.
    Finally, should you make this mistake, there is at least a bush you can camo up in. Even in a HT don't forget, you can sometimes camo up by being still and it will give you a chance to relieve the pressure and make a dash back (or forward to safety).
    He got out alive, and we crushed their team summarily.
    Same player, later on Himmels Encounter got into a sticky situation with a Tiger P. He had a small HP advantage, and we split up to try to win the 4v2 after most tanks had bit it. I probably should have rounded the rubble with him to finish the Tiger P together, but I saw that I could turn and get hulldown to the (very dangerous via XVM and demonstrated ability to kill our 3rd player) Comet and his two lower tier buddies. 
    The player in question loaded gold and bounced off the Tiger P's cupola! Alas, RNG is a dirty bitch. Was his choice wrong? Not really, but with a HP advantage, and the match nearly clutched, it can be a good idea to simply trade HP to ensure the death of the opponent. Additionally, he went for the cupola shot, instead of the brawl move, which would have been to facehug/sidehug/charge into the Tiger P. He opted to play to the Tiger P's strengths accuracy and frontal armor, when he had the change to bullrush and get easier shots on the sides, shove his mantlet into the Tiger P's face, etc. Again, it wasn't a terrible choice, but it cost him a kill and the chance at 1 or 2 more. 
    I'll add some more later. 
    Two conclusions:
    Judging which terrain you can cross safely, or if you need to sit in a defensible position and punish the enemy push is an element of skill. don't get caught out in the middle, and try to identify which places (based on where the enemies are) will be good positions. 
    Second, you conserve HP to spend it later. Spending HP to eliminate a top tier tank and keep your gun in the game, during the mid to late game is often a good idea. If you are in a brawler, don't play the accuracy game, and vice versa. Facehugs and sidehugs are not dead. 
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    MotorizedPatriot got a reaction from MesoTroniK in Name and Shame Thread, (ArrogantWorms sucks at technical stuffz)   
    King may not be the angel you think he is.

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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to OOPMan in An addendum to: "A visual depiction of why arty is more accurate than tanks" by Garbad   
    A while ago Garbad posted this topic: http://forum.worldof...than-tanks/#top

    In the topic he explained the how and why of artillery being so good at 1-shotting scouts and other tanks in TD mode.
    This thread can be considered as an Addendum to that topic, expanding upon the original matter.

    Now, on to the subject matter:

    People often like to say that artillery's poor accuracy makes up for it's crazy alpha damage. This is simply not true when the artillery is being played by an even moderately competent player.

    When one first starts playing artillery one hears that the roof armour of tanks is very weak and thus you can do huge amounts of damage if you land a shell on the roof armour of a vehicle. So, naturally, you try to line up your shots like this:

    When you land a shot on the target, it's great. You do heaps of damage and he/she QQs. Mostly, though, you just splash nearby and do a small amount of damage.

    However, even really bad artillery players know that the above reticle shape is not the reticle shape you are looking for. What you really want, when aiming in artillery, is an elongated reticle. This indicates that the shell you fire will be travelling nearly horizontally (Much like a shell fired from a non-SPG vehicle) when it finally touches down in the target area.

    If you are able to set up a shot such that the reticle is elongated and the tip of the reticle lines up with the target vehicle (As seen in the image above, the tip of the reticle is the point closest to your vehicle, rather than the farther end) then the odds of the shot missing the target vehicle are extremely low.

    This isn't news to anyone that has played artillery. In fact, it's even covered in the WoT Wiki:

    This "feature" of artillery explains completely and thoroughly how an even semi-competent cheetos-scoffing clicker is ably to reliably
    punch holes in, or at the very least strike, your side armour with his/her grotesquely large HE shells.

    The fact if the matter is that artillery, for all its supposed inaccuracy, is capable of being reliably accurate in the same fashion
    of any other tank by simply firing shots in the described fashion.

    And yes, in case you were wondering, the 0.8.6 accuracy buff is going to exacerbate this problem...
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to AlphaTanker101 in Hey, HEY, HEY!   
    I saw this on Tuco22's wall. So you can blame him if this forum goes to hell.
    I found this forum on Tuco22's wall, so I decided to register. Tell all about yourselfs nao.
    I'll start with me:
    Shit poaster who is bad@tanks.
    What tanks can I use to statpad? How do I resist the temptation to play arty?
    And btw, I didn't come here unprepared.
    How to troll in WoT pubs:
    Step 1: Get a Hummel (Fully Upgraded)
    Step 2: Click on "Battle"
    Step 3: Keep clicking
    Step 4: Say stuff to make your poor victims rage.
    But damn, my stats suck. LOL.
    EDIT, had to put section 2 in bold since NOBODY read it.
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to Gator_Jr in Naming and Shaming scammer!   
    I hope you can name and shame on this forum... _ErwinRommel__ this mr. sexii <-------- scammed me out of a free IS-6. If you see this f*** tard ignore him and report his ass. I submitted ticket telling him what he did.
    Just because we don't have Name and Shame rules does not mean we accept these posts. Locking this one up.
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to Lert in PSA: don't push the bloody TOG!   
    Dear ELC drivers, T-50-2 pilots, sherman operators, T-28 commanders, M7 owners, Pz III controllers etc ...


    First of all, we know we're in a slow tank. We bought the dang thing knowing it's slow.

    Second, we weigh 82 bucking tons!! Do you have any idea how much that is? That's more than 6 times what your T-50-2 weighs. That's more than 11 times what your ELC weighs. Are you that stupid that you actually believe that your puny little flyweight can actually accomplish something by pushing a bucking superheavy?!

    Third, when you're a tiny little tin can and you ram us, you get damaged, we get the fine and we get flagged as a teamkiller.

    Fourth, when you're 'pushing' us and we stop, that's a sign that we do not want your help. If you take this as a sign to back up and ram us again, causing yourself damage again and flagging us as a teamkiller again, it becomes very, very, VERY tempting to just tear your bucking face off, since obviously you're intent on causing us fine and preventing both us and yourself from playing the actual game.

    Fifth, speaking of 'playing the actual game', don't you have something better to do than to repeatedly bash your head against the ass of a freaking superheavy? Like ... scouting the damn enemy team if you're a scout, or - you know - shooting red tanks? You know, something that actively helps the team? Oh but what a novel idea, doing something productive!

    Look, trying to push a TOG does not help. All it does is piss off the TOG driver, cause you damage, cause him a fine and delay both of you effectively removing two of your team's tanks from play until you stop being a bloody idiot. So don't do it!!

    Or, conversely - and, I know, this is a very very controversial thing for me to suggest, something so alien to your mind that it's nearly imcomprehensible ...


    A rather annoyed TOG captain.
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to Garbad in The 8.6 Arty Buff   
    He is gone or I am gone. Make your choice, but I'm not here to tolerate retards.
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to Garbad in The 8.6 Arty Buff   
    Ban him or I walk. Its that simple.
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to Garbad in The 8.6 Arty Buff   
    No one cares what you think, trash.  Get him out.
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    MotorizedPatriot reacted to Lert in Please don't show nested quotes in quotes   
    The official WoT forum shows quotes only one level deep, what the guy you're quoting said. This forum shows the things he quoted, too. It just makes a mess of the posts when there's more than 1 nested quote.
    - Neverwish
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