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  1. It makes me sad to see that this community has more or less died. Oh the good ole days.

    1. Medjed


      At least the forum is still here...

    2. Assassin7


      WG fucked all the things that made WoT fun and so most people who made this community have probably mostly quit the game by now

    3. RedwoodOriginal


      As Assassin said, WG fucked up WOT.

  2. How's Wotlabs been for the last year and a half?

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    2. Zinn


      You missed the greatest thread of all time in any forum:

      Well worth the read, since it was so good it forced the Name and Shame thread to close down due to wins.

    3. Assassin7


      that was the single most glorious moment Wotlabs has ever beheld in the history of the internet

    4. 37h


      rip mister rogers 

  3. I wrote a short story in my free time about conquistadors and El Dorado, if anyone's interested http://www.mediafire.com/view/qwf40534g0k2ci0/City+of+Gold.pdf

  4. Any R.U.S.E. players here?

    1. Sillex


      That game is fun, great with friends

    2. SchnitzelTruck


      I used to play it quite a bit, but got bored after the thousandth game

  5. People who are down voting this don't have appreciation for good writing.
  6. My profile pic is spinning :^)

    1. Tuco22
    2. SULOMON


      Tuco learn2spin

    3. TriggrHPY


      Make it stop ;_;

  7. Isn't a locked thread kind of pointless when this exists? http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?app=forums&module=extras§ion=stats&do=leaders

    1. TheEmptyLord


      you forgot that there are people who sign their posts


    2. Solono


      Because that does not accurately reflect the staff proper.

  8. Cuni is biggest forum padder.

    1. KruggWulf


      Biggest forum yiffer :3

  9. My eyes hurt a lot in the evening, I think from looking at my phone and my laptop to much. Anyone else have this problem?

    1. Evroz621


      Get F.Lux for your laptop

    2. GunnSm0ke


      Yes! Actually went to eye doc about it, my eyes are S#1t anyway. Doc said I should be looking away from screens at least every 20 min and gives a a break for like 5 min. Also said blinking slows down when looking at screens so eyes dry out (Seriously). TL;DR - Give your eyes a break every now and again

    3. Agamemneon
  10. I think I may of breathed in some asbestos. Am I going to die at like 50 years old?

    1. SULOMON


      I may sound a bit melodramatic but I was breathing through some old soviet gas mask.

    2. UglyBigD


      Just watch for coughing - general sign of asbestosis

  11. I just met this awesome Otter guy who was hosting a team training room and helping people get better.

  12. Fun Fact: People learn a lot more from success than from failure.

    1. MrsmilieyfaceC8
    2. Cunicularius


      *Limit all activity to only those activities which have a 100% chance of success*

      *never accumulate any experiences again, and as a result never learn*

    3. SULOMON


      There are many ways to fail and few ways to succeed. Failing teaches jack shit while success shows one of the few viable paths to success. Similar success strategies will likely succeed while similar failing strategies will fail.

  13. The revised forum rules seem more strict.

    1. YesThatWasAPCR


      I can't see anything there that hasn't already been enforced to some degree for months now.

    2. RutgerS


      Tbh I never saw solono mad a decision I disagree with

  14. Lots of famous people seem to be dying lately.

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    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      Famous people die all the time. It's just a question of whether they were relevant to your generation or not.

    3. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      Also, many baby boomers are reaching old age by now.

  15. On my first day of driving to school I rearend another student's car...

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    2. tefftorbes


      There's this thing called not tailgating. It helps!

    3. hallo1994
    4. Fishrokk


      Did you brush your teeth before you left? I think we conclusively proved that it prevents traffic accidents in a thread yesterday.

  16. I found a chat program called C3. Better or worse than TS?

  17. There are few things worse than having a person's eyelash stuck under their eyelid.

    1. Tuco22


      Cut off eyelashes

    2. Nicook5


      even better burn them off

  18. I think the recent topic threads as a group are the lowest quality I've seen yet.

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    2. MAJEST1C
    3. hallo1994


      Right in the Chi Ri

    4. Joebob73


      Who keeps advertising Wotlabs over on the official forums?

  19. So when I can expect some unicum guides of the new tanks?

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