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  1. Waiting for Wargaming to bring back another WoT Classic event.
  2. For you Classic server stat padders out there, pressing CAPSLOCK+0 at the same time during a battle brings up the serverside reticule. Use it to dunk on those T-50-2 wannabes.

    1. Fulvin


      Thanks friend

  3. A glorious return to the days when unicorns roamed free. Fast paced game style with aggressive Russian pubbies screaming "cyka blyat" in ALL CHAT (!). And the old garage and soundtrack! At that point, who cares about game balance? Nothing is OP when everything is OP. Which has the most OPness? >Seal clubber M2 light with 360 degrees of vision, padding kills against the influx of Tier 1s. >The OG Hotchkiss, using its armour against people who don't actually spam gold. >SU-26 "I don't care about your cover" howitzer, perma-tracking Tier 7 heavies. >M41 Orbit
  4. Bat obviously got punished for camping; see how arty encourages dynamic gameplay.
  5. The lack of skill based progression did make WoT unique and appealing to us. Rather than climb ladders and have unicorns only fight other unicorns, they could enter a covenant of gods, platoon up, and pub-stomp their way to glorious 80-90% winrates. The win % and damage padding was the reward for gitting gud and the bitter taste of a 1 in 10 defeat added to the flavour. If anyone knows of a game nowadays that fits this description, do tell us. But this should not have been mutually exclusive with having a hierarchy of insightful opinion. If the WG had taken feedback from, say, members of
  6. Try measuring while standing up after oneshotting someone with arty/T49/Type 5.
  7. We were digging through our old screenshots and we found this historical battle on the Siegfried Line. Long years ago, three great heroes were bored of stroking their egos up high in Valhalla and deigned to bring their platoon down to the mortal world to quell the arrogance of the pubbies below. We were one amongst these three, fighting alongside the unicorns Kewei and CarbonWard. Alas, as we descended, the fates sent upon us a turbulent wind and landed our tier 8s into a grim tier 10 battle. Worse yet, there stood opposing us was the dark unicorn maxL_1023, whose might was the equ
  8. Comrade tankers, Darkest were the days of 1941 when we ground through the T-34 line, clanless and alone. Then we saw the light of the Forum Warriors channel, from which came offers of platoons and friendship. We remember how we became one with PBKAC and fought our campy Swamp battles in Europe. We can still vividly hear the IOC's order on Fisherman's Bay: "one-two line, begin yer push". We recall our victory with a half-baked fascist box strat on Ruinberg and our obscene defeat from "dick in facce" on Cliffs. We were there to witness the conception of hardcore PBKAC Himmelsdorf strats, wh
  9. Autoloading IS-3. Autoloading IS-3. Autoloading IS-3. So... how does one become a supertester?
  10. Шe volцитeeг тo вe paгт of мosт gloгioцs faмilу poгтгaiт.
  11. Tell these WarGaming pub-lords that they disgrace the name of the T-54 by making the tank so underpowered. Demand that they provide the T-54 prototype with a great patriotic dose of Russian Bias and buff it so that it can stand proud against any tank-of-the-line. Proletarian engineer designed T-54 to have stronker gun than older T-44, so where is the improved 320-damage gun? How do we slice through capitalist potato if we can neither drive fast nor shoot fast? Are we to be the fascist box who camps at the back? Tell them this tank, this main battle tank, which must uphold the entire front agai
  12. Speaking of ATGM, Battle Assistant in conjunction with Meltymap mod does make the game look like Drone Simulator 2015. Video reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A5mpC-pwWk
  13. Are some of those insults from the Euro server? Sounds like a lot of fun over there.
  14. Welcome back Ilyushin, Apparently, stronkholds are really good for winning 90% of games and farming loads of credits + boxes. It probably a really safe go-to for grinding Tier 6, 8, 10 tanks. Otherwise, we heard Russian heavies were really OP in pubs because of the brawling meta.
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