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  1. We have actually been semi active recently. Had 10+ people online at some points. It's strange.
  2. Can't speak for myself but usually what happens at the end of the advent calendar from WGing is buyers remorse.
  3. I have an Asus 1070 - Running Wot on Ultra I get a steady 110-120 fps at 2560 x 1440 with G-sync. But hey if that feels unfulfilling then that's on you. My advice... Don't spend up large just yet. A 1070 will be able to play every game on the market. Graphics will not really increase much until the release of the next consoles as the gaming market is geared toward this (the games need to run on the current consoles which are running old hardware!)
  4. The new camo options make me not want to play the game *sook* A tank with a red turret, blue hull and white gun barrel should never be able to be seen in game if I have 'historical' ticked.
  5. I find I get more NZ based insults on the Ozzie server ha. Kids will be kids I guess. I'm not the strongest player so take with a grain of salt... Tried playing on the Singapore server recently. I found that it was more favourable playing on Sing for lower tiers (T5-8) as I would be top tier most of my games. The ping difference wasn't noticeable for me. Tried playing these tiers on Aust and timed out or non-stop bottom tier the majority of games. Not fun. For T9/10 I think the Aust games are better however you have a higher chance to bump into the same players time and time again which is
  6. Christmas special. Hmm depends. Do you need gold? It seems that the loot boxes are better than outright purchasing gold from the store. There is also the added bonus of premium time, credits, consumables and winning premium tanks (various T6 and T8 - the type 59 included). The real treat however is you get Xmas decorations for the WoT Xmas tree which provides fantastic XP and Credit(?) bonuses. Up to 42% increase I believe although someone will correct me if I am wrong. Edit QuickyBaby opened 75 loot boxes for 85.55 pounds. Gained 2.6 mil credits. 64,850 gold. 62 days premium,
  7. My lore isn't all that good. Maybe someone here can help me out or I wasn't paying attention to some important narrative in one of the new movies. I don't understand how they (the rebels) went to the blowing up of the death star, death of the emperor, death of Vader and celebrating with cute little furry creatures.... To setting up a Jedi school, having that fail and the First Order rising with such power to the point where the rebels who could stop the empire are all but destroyed. Lets not forget having the funds to create a laser planet and dreadnaughts and fund a massive army and f
  8. Cause search tool is hard and WG site is blocked while I am at work... Does anyone know when this Xmas loot box thing is available for SEA? Is it today?
  9. I saw it on the weekend. It's enjoyable... You can definitely tell it's a Disney movie however with comedy and 'cute' critters thrown in for no particular reason. With no spoilers I can't tell you my most interesting scene other than it contained mirrors. However I feel this was only glossed over / left open for viewer interpretation... (The best kind of scene!) Some obvious marketing strategy to open the movie up to the Chinese market (Chinese market best market) - not needed and takes away from the movie in my opinion. But that's where the money is so can't complain too much... Wo
  10. I am not the strongest player by any means so take with a grain of salt / go with what the purples say. I find in order to do well at tier 10 you need a strong 'core' set of skills learnt from the tanks tier 6-9. One can't fumble through the lower tiers, buy a tier 10 and then learn how to play that tank and expect to do well. If you don't know how to play the T54 - you are going to struggle with the T62a. If you can't make the Conq work - you are going to struggle with the S.Conq. I find the hardest thing about playing at tier 10 which is the hardest thing to grasp is when to make t
  11. SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS/ The Sodium / salt overdose -swollen tongue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and thirst. Neurologic symtpoms include thirst, irritability,weakness, headache, convulsions, and coma. Cerebral edema may occur, and muscle tremors may be noted. Quite a lot in common. Coincidence? I think not.
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