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  1. Buy T54LW now to get a free Tier 9?

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Send in a ticket to get all the things at half off then you can sell the free tanks that you get. Pure profit. :fat:

    2. 8_Hussars


      (Primarily this is a partial re-post with some of my own and others notes thrown in...)

      Other than the "free" up-tier (tank/module costs/XP increases) the only tanks you receive for "free" are the back-filled T8s and even then its really only the non-elite HWK 12 and BC 12t... It looks basically revenue neutral other than the garage slots (to be verified) as you receive compensation if you already have them in the garage.

      *T-54 ltwt.

      **If the T-54 ltwt. is researched:*

      The crew will not be retrained from the T-54 ltwt. to the LTTB (including dismissed crew members that are available for recovery)

      If the LTTB is not available in the Garage, add the LTTB with a vehicle slot and a crew trained to 50%.

      If the LTTB is available in the Garage, perform refunding in the amount of 1,205,000 credits._

      (to be verified) If the LTTB is available in the Garage, camo, emblems, insignia will stay_

      *If the T-54 ltwt. is available in the Garage:*

      It will be promoted to Tier 9

      Any unassigned XP will remain at Tier 8

      Camo, emblems, insignia will be refunded (in gold or pro-rated credits)

      The crew is not sent to the Barracks.

  2. Look at who made a mistake. Arty nerf comes in 9.18, right?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      I've been gone for close to 2 years now. I said I would leave until arty was either neutered or removed. It looks like one of the two is happening (I heard that arty is doing much less damage now, but in a very big splash radius w/ stun). I want to at least try things out to see if it's better than before.

    3. DHP


      You can't really say it's nerf though. Changed yes. Nerfed.. Not really.

    4. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      So long as it doesn't oneshot me, I'm satisfied.

  3. So, I hear that arty got neutered at last. Is that true? I'm thinking about coming back then.

    1. ZXrage


      You'd contract AIDS instead of cancer when getting hit

  4. You and I are able to poke around a corner and detrack an enemy, but can the average player? If nothing else, it's a pretty ingenious way of bringing down the determinant of skill for better players to a level palatable for all those bots and shitters. Remember, if history tells us anything, WG doesn't care about the upper end of its playerbase and will sacrifice them for marginally more revenue. That's why you have arty in the first place.
  5. I admit, having an integrated aimbot like autoaim in this game is pretty strange at first thought, but with all its limitations in its unmodded version, it's a good way to encourage people to use cover because it's so useful when peek-a-booing around corners.
  6. Wasn't it declared legal many, many times? Did it change while I was away from wotlabs?
  7. Just got the Molotov out of a crate. It's my first Tier 6 ship since beta. Thoughts on it?

  8. How do I get WoWS to download faster? I just did a speed test for my internet and it says that I can download at a rate of ~79 mb/s, which is phenomenal, to say the least. In the updater, however, I'm getting ~4.5 mb/s at best. This is slower than it has been in the past (~15 mb/s). I've shut down everything else that takes up bandwidth. I'm not sure what else to do.

    1. Finalmint


      Was this a reading in megabit or megabyte? Because a megabit is 1/8th the size of a megabyte so that download should actually be accurate for a megabit speed test. 

    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      IDK, it just says mb/s on the test. It's the Ookla speedtest - I linked my result.

    3. Kitten


      Mb = megabit

      MB = megabyte 

      test is in Mb/s not MB/s

  9. It took AW a little over a year to remove what WG should've nixed in the infancy of WoT, before anything was even done. I might play this game if it's WoT without arty.
  10. Took me a moment to notice that the color was off. I knew something was wrong because I felt a little more autistic after reading that, even if the actual post wasn't that shitty.
  11. I would totally come back if it weren't for arty. Objectively speaking, fuck arty.
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