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  1. Buy T54LW now to get a free Tier 9?

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Send in a ticket to get all the things at half off then you can sell the free tanks that you get. Pure profit. :fat:

    2. 8_Hussars


      (Primarily this is a partial re-post with some of my own and others notes thrown in...)

      Other than the "free" up-tier (tank/module costs/XP increases) the only tanks you receive for "free" are the back-filled T8s and even then its really only the non-elite HWK 12 and BC 12t... It looks basically revenue neutral other than the garage slots (to be verified) as you receive compensation if you already have them in the garage.

      *T-54 ltwt.

      **If the T-54 ltwt. is researched:*

      The crew will not be retrained from the T-54 ltwt. to the LTTB (including dismissed crew members that are available for recovery)

      If the LTTB is not available in the Garage, add the LTTB with a vehicle slot and a crew trained to 50%.

      If the LTTB is available in the Garage, perform refunding in the amount of 1,205,000 credits._

      (to be verified) If the LTTB is available in the Garage, camo, emblems, insignia will stay_

      *If the T-54 ltwt. is available in the Garage:*

      It will be promoted to Tier 9

      Any unassigned XP will remain at Tier 8

      Camo, emblems, insignia will be refunded (in gold or pro-rated credits)

      The crew is not sent to the Barracks.

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