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  1. #alllivesmatter except for 03(whatever) bullet catchers....... Shfty©
  2. Iz willz be there.... RIP me Shfty©
  3. Got my divorce finalized, best gift in 14 years!!! Shfty©
  4. Looked in the premium shop, it's not there. Is the sale already over? Shfty©
  5. Can I haz skill list ploz? I have: BIA, 6th, camo BIA, camo, rep BIA, camo, rep BIA, safe, camo Recommend changes? I have the gold to reskill, no worries about cost Shfty©
  6. What's the definition of insanity again? 3 of the same "OH MY GOD, MUST DESTROY DEATH STAR" + 20 years and you can't come up with a better idea on how to rule? I did love, "well this is how we did it the last 2 times" and "you got a garbage compactor?" All in all, I liked the movie for the sheer fact that is not the GOD DAMN Phantom Shitter! Shfty©
  7. To quote the Mighty Jingles, It's Episode 4 redux, look at the plot lines: Lost droid finds random person, gets old guy to train\lead, old guy dies, to eventually destroy death star, end of movie meet REALLY old wise dude to train Shfty©
  8. So with these stats comparable now, should I run food on the Fatton like the STB? I have played the Fatton more since the patch, however the gun handling doesn't seem to be any better. Maybe it's me(probably er VERY likely) however I am debating running food and dropping the med kit, STB like setup Shfty© P/s: Is camo skill on the crew even worth?
  9. http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/10151-are-you-looking-for-a-clan-click-here-first/ Shfty©
  10. Rigging is going to be the only way because, NO ONE PLAYS THIS MODE. Shfty©
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