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  1. Just started watching this, and I gotta agree. This shit is stupid in all the right ways.
  2. I heard about this, but I don't know if it's true or just one of those Eve urban myths.
  3. I can't help but feel that this tactic was wasted on Counter Strike. Swatting other players seems like an Eve Online thing to do...
  4. So. Much. This. After the first few games and getting used to it, the M3 Lee was a murder machine. For tanks in tier 4, this baby is only second to the Matilda. That gun can and will do a LOT of work, and can quite easily even ruin a tier 6's day.
  5. Either works, but it really comes down to the map. If you can use your hulldown advantage, the 90mm will absolutely wreck people. If you're stuck playing peek-a-boom, you want the 105mm, and probably also want to take a good long time to contemplate where you went wrong in life that you're playing peek-a-boom with a T29 instead of going hulldown. That being said, the pen on both guns are pretty sub-par if you're shooting at 9's, so carry a few gold rounds if you're bottom and aren't so lucky that E-75's give you their sides.
  6. Jonuts

    Ace Combat Series

    Wow, I'm so late to this topic. Ace Combat 4, 5, and zero were by far the best. I loved the gameplay of six, as it really took advantage of the better hardware, but I developed a minor tick where I beat people to death with a baseball bat when they say "Go dance with the angels!" You mean you're so ready for Pixy-lated ace combat, right? Hahaha...I'll go back to my corner now I don't know man, Ace Combat took a beating from it's dedicated fan base with Assault Horizon, aka, Callsign of Duty. Anyways, if I had a PS3, I'd probably have tried it, but I didn't truly ha
  7. Actually, if you're going up the M103 line, you get the T54E1's top engine just for researching the M103. It's the M103's stock engine. So if you're close to eliting out your T32, you're better off finishing that grind instead of spending the T54E1's XP on the engine.
  8. Bullshit. The AT15 has the most glaring weakspot of the entire line. Even tier 6 tanks will punch right through the mantlet as if it wasn't there. Watch out for that asshole in the T-150 running the 57mm, because he's going to hurt you. Bad. The entire front center of your tank is your weakspot. Auto aim will pen you every time. In terms of armor, it is useless. This is, by far, the worst platform of the entire line. You've traded away your speed and agility, and got no armor out of the deal, and have the largest weakspot that is physically impossible to hide during an engagement. On the f
  9. This is, by far, the most infuriating tank I've ever driven. I'll say this here and now: The engines are too expensive. I had enough free XP to get the turret and the A-barrel. Other than a few matches where I literally got to sit back and go to work at 500m, this has been a complete shitstorm of me smashing my head into the wall repeatedly. With the stock engine, this thing is FAR too slow for it's utter lack of armor. On the bright side, the UFP his hilariously trollish against most tanks tier 9 or less. 10's punch through it at any angle in my experience so far, but I don't think I've e
  10. A zombie outbreak the sheer magnitude of WWZ's (book) is simply TOO LARGE to be fought by modern military hardware. Logistics win, you lose. That being said, the application of military force would occur somewhere LONG before it did in the book (not including the alpha teams which from what I gathered was just a few special forces groups killing zombies before the mass outbreak) and logistics wouldn't be an issue since the outbreaks being handled wouldn't be hordes of millions. Of course, that doesn't make for a nearly as interesting book. Short story, perhaps. Anyways, I completely recom
  11. So glad I read the news section before asking why my recent WN8 is consistently different from my 60 day. To answer the poll, I voted 60-day because it's what I'm used to, but both are just fine for me.
  12. All but 3 and 4 I believe (and any expansions for 3 and 4). Yes, I even played Renegade...
  13. I use a hitskin. I find it's biggest advantage is that I'm quite well aware of what tanks I can set on fire by shooting in the front. Given the opportunity, I'll put rounds into frontal fuel tanks/ammo racks. I've never run into a situation where I thought "Man, I wish I didn't have this hitskin". Even if the odds of success are low thanks to the saving throw, I've never aimed for a module and wished I didn't. Outside of closer combat though, the hitskins are pretty meaningless since you're more concerned about hitting the tank than hitting a specific module. The color contrast it provides
  14. Waah waah my color dropped. Ok, complaining is done. Yay for upgrade!
  15. Asassin isn't the first person to think an onion news article was real. Iran's Fars News Agency ran an onion article as thought it was a real news article...http://www.aljazeera.com/news/middleeast/2012/09/2012930164031212587.html
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