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  1. Lol someone wants to be a salty little anger ball today.
  2. I'm not telepathic. If you fail to communicate your point clearly that's your fault; it's none of my responsibility to divine what you intended.
  3. Your original point was that the 54 was the most popular tank. That's false. Secondly RE: E50 and M46. Vehicles popular among Wotlabbers (tiny fraction of a percent vs total NA server pop/Global server pop) generally represent tanks min-max minded players find the most powerful at any given time. That's hardly representative of server or global server trends. Secondly as one of the more famous/infamous tanks in history, the T-54's popularity is definitely affected by the thrill of playing a famous tank. There are many other possible ways to interpret data other than popularity b
  4. E8's point still stands. 62 and 140 are still considered one of the more desirable tier X tanks in general and very desirable tanks for CW ergo many T-54 games played to get them.
  5. How are you measuring popularity? Total games played all time? Recent games played? Pre-HEAT nerf T-54 (circa 2013-2014? holy balls has it already been that long???) was one of the more OP tanks of all time, but that nerf plus turret nerf and physics brought it down to the level of very good instead of being essentially a tier 9.5 tank. Ninja'd by E8. Agree. I had to play what...~450 games just to unlock both the 62 and 140? Total games as a measure of popularity needs to take that into consideration.
  6. Fat-fingers is a serious and often misunderstood medical condition. Pls no bulli
  7. WZ-120: 15WZ-111 1-4: 23Skoda T-50: 327AMX 30: 23Waffenträger auf Panzer IV: 14. VK 45.02 B: 22E75: 9E50: 30 Leopard PTA: 16 Conqueror: 24 + 1 =25 A lot of good tanks left on this list but this tank holds a special place in my heart; I love tanks with good gun handling and this heavy has T62a esque gun handling with better alpha and gold round. Ground through the tank before its turret got buffed and loved it so much I reground a new crew to keep it before I stopped playing WoT altogether. Played it a couple times since the buff and the new turret eliminates the biggest hindrance to t
  8. I've also been very frustrated by the Mutz's turret armor. I don't really expect much of anything against equal or higher tier tanks, but last night an AMX 12t managed to pen my turret twice with AP despite the fact that he was in a small valley shooting up at my hulldown Mutz. Overall I like the tank; having been a fan of the Indien Panzer, the Mutz feels very comfortable and familiar. It's just that I personally can't really think of a good enough reason to buy it. On NA West at the times I play, regular tier 8s in general and mediums in particular get shafted by endless tier X mat
  9. I see this statement thrown around as a simple fact very often and I find it irritating because fuel consumption is not simply a matter of engine size. For example, small displacement, high rpm petrol cars like most Japanese cars ARE very fuel efficient under normal city driving conditions AND if there's little weight in the car. However the opposite is true at highway speeds (where the speeds limits, in the US at least, are generally between 96-112kph.) and hilly/mountainous areas where the car has to downshift often to maintain speeds AND/OR if you put a lot of weight in the car.
  10. Some of christmas loot, my roomies are awesome:
  11. I saw Tofu at PAX but I didn't introduce myself b/c I figured he wouldn't know who I was and wouldn't want to be bothered by some random pubbie. Looked for Trobs but never saw him. Also swag from winning the Friday Pickup tourny with Jay's team:
  12. I can understand pubbie scum but really...from HAVOK? I know your clan's been shit for a long time but even HAVOK should know better. Bot? I'm in front of everyone other than our sui-scout. I save our 54 from getting double teamed and I get this... ...wut...? "get into the game?" Hiding from arty is now "stat padding?" .................. I really should sit back and stat pad and farm from the front MOAR...
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