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  1. im a 45% but im trying to get better honest and another thing about Ektar he just put 4 of my warning points in the bin so thanks Ektar
  2. at least Ektar had the balls to post the WG forums are fubar for the simple reason those with a poor grasp of English are moderators and they don't have a clue what is sarcasm/ humour I speak pretty good in French and german but not in a million years would I moderate those language forums if asked I read and learn from these forums because they are what WG forums were a long time ago. however look at the general discussion now its full of " +2 tiers is making my life hell" shit really TBH
  3. Welcome im new as well must say some of the player stats are very impressive
  4. thought I would just say hi the mods on a certain forum are past there sell by date and banning good players left right and centre
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