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  1. A forum where BigBadVuk is senior moderator is a joke. His lack of english knowledge never prevented him from eagerly moderating international sections and issuing stupid bans in general chat.


    Anyway Ectar, best of luck in making EU forum meeting place for bots and 45%er to share knowledge because current moderation standards are clearly working towards that.



    im a 45% but im trying to get better honest :beard:  and another thing about Ektar he just put 4 of my warning points in the bin so thanks Ektar

  2. at least Ektar had the balls to post



    the WG forums are fubar for the simple reason those with a poor grasp of English are moderators and they don't have a clue what is sarcasm/ humour

    I speak pretty good in French and german but not in a million years would I moderate those language  forums if asked


    I read and learn from these forums because they are what WG forums were a long time ago. however look at the general discussion now its full of " +2 tiers is making my life hell" 

     shit really TBH

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