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    wsatnutter reacted to Deusmortis in What this forum is, and how to gain acceptance   
    Greetings, newcomers.

    As this is the first place new people have access to, I'd like to go over a few things that will greatly enrich your time here.

    First of all, know that those who contribute to and moderate these forums are players who are dedicated to performance. We strive to play well. If you are a person who is an average tanker, or even a bad tanker, you are still welcome here. However, we have little tolerance for excuses. We welcome players of all skill levels who wish to improve their play. Blaming anything other than yourself for your failures will quickly get you removed. But if you want to get better, you will not find a more helpful resource.

    Bear that in mind when asking questions. Instead of saying something about some hacking invisitank killing you, ask how an enemy was able to kill you without being spotted. We know how the game works. We can help you know how the game works. We can help you be the person that makes other people run to the forums to cry about hacks.

    Grow a thick skin. If you're bad, we will tell you. We will likely not spare your feelings. We're not kindly old school teachers here, we're hard-ass drill instructors. We won't kiss it and make it better, but we will turn you into an instrument of death, praying for war.

    Keep discussions civil. Even unica have differing opinions. Irate posts will get nuked fast. Discuss and argue points. Leave the ad hominem attacks for the Official forums.

    Finally, remember that we all play for fun. Some of us just prefer that we have our fun at the expense of the enemy team.
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    wsatnutter reacted to Lt_Gruber in We want Miros back!   
    A forum where BigBadVuk is senior moderator is a joke. His lack of english knowledge never prevented him from eagerly moderating international sections and issuing stupid bans in general chat.
    Anyway Ectar, best of luck in making EU forum meeting place for bots and 45%er to share knowledge because current moderation standards are clearly working towards that.
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    wsatnutter reacted to Millardthemk in Announcing: WorldofTanksTutor.com (WOTT)   
    Hey there folks, Millardthemk and Teram here. We want to let the community know about some pretty cool stuff that’s been going on behind the scenes that’s just now ready to release to the public. As many of you know, it can be hard to find competent tutors for your WoT journey as you try to improve and grow was a player in a pretty complex game.
    We recognize this is a current problem, and that combined with a desire to help others and avoid homelessness has prompted out action, and the creation of group called “World of Tanks Tutors”. WOTT for short. We think it has the potential to be tremendously helpful and hope you agree.

    Our goals with WOTT are as follows:
    #1 Fill the teaching void and help player base group as it sees fit. Every game from HALO to WOW to Runescape has had groups available to assist players in their growth and skillz. Oddly enough for such a popular game, WoT has a complete void of options available for players who realize that rather than buy in game gold that they will spend and beno better off because of, they can convert that pocket change into improving their own personal gameplay abilities through instruction, review, and real-time gameplay analysis. All skills which translate into more exp, more credits, and more time playing a tank you want (more fun)!
    #2 Assist players who are tired of a skills or W/R plateau. Tanks is a cerebral shooter, making it easy to slip into a rut and cease improving. Sometimes all it takes is an outside opinion from a pro to bust out of your flatline and start climbing the skills ladder once again. If this sounds like the position you’re in--we can help. Rather than getting vague or spotty assistance via other routes we’re committed to giving you a great value for your time and money.
    #3 Help relieve some of the stat hate. The nasty reality of WoT is that players with lesser stats may be ridiculed and insulted regularly. This happens both on the public forums and in game, and while completely inexcusable, there’s really only one way to stop it--improve your stats. Unfortunately, if you’ve already played several thousand games overall or several hundred in a certain tank it can be almost impossible to bring the values up to your current playing level. For those who find themselves in this slippery slope of stats we toss you a lifeline of assistance. Via our platoon teaching packages we will show you the ropes in an easily understandable manner while at the same time increasing your W/R without you breaking a sweat.
    #4 Give you the tools for competitive group play success. As veterans of countless tournaments we’re in a unique position to be able to provide useful and experienced feedback for your team and can even host group training sessions and work with you to improve your team’s cohesion and tournament gameplay skills.
    While this service won’t please everyone(nothing does!), we hope it will be helpful to those who truly want to improve and are willing to spend the time and resources required for excellence. Both Millardthemk (Sam) and Teram (Michael) are long-time community members and we have seen a need that needs filling--and decided to step into the gap. Oh, we also enjoy eating meals occasionally and paying rent is also a plus.
    In conclusion, this is a service we’d love to see take off and assist players while at the same time remaining personal enough that folks are actually more than a name on a sheet, they’re real people who have an applaudable goal: To be good at tanks--and should be treated in a respectful, professional manner.
    Best wishes,
    Millardthemk and Teram
    Click HERE for a link to the website.
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    wsatnutter got a reaction from Private_Miros in My turn to say hello   
    Welcome im new as well must say some of the player stats are very impressive
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    wsatnutter reacted to Homer_J in hi all   
    So this is where the cool kids hang out.
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