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  1. I'm just saying what happens to me, in my games. If you think that's garbage then you can fuck off.
  2. First thing...how can I watch the replay? sSnce 0.8.8 update it sends me to login screen, and then it just says "loading". Second thing...a few good months ago, if something similar happened (team mate blocking, pushing, etc.), I would attach the replay to a support ticket, and the asshole in question would get punished/banned. That was when Support guys did their job, more or less. Now they don't care anymore, reports (either via in-game, or through submitted tickets) don't do shit. So, I say shoot them on sight, if they act like cunts.
  3. For the last ~3 months my WoT battles went like this: 1) Between 2 and 3 days with good teams, good shots, everything going great for me, WN7 going up, ~60%+ W/R. 2) Followed by average and below average battles, where I'd get 40%-45% W/R, but still a good WN7. 4) And then, all hell breaks loose, and I find myself in teams with not-so-good players, and since I mostly grind/play tier 8, I get into tier 10 battles all the time. On top of this, there are shots after shots of RNG mayhem. Not talking about pen-nopen, but fully aimed shots going to the edge of the reticle...these are con
  4. Belizarius


    God fuck this tank. I went through JagdPz 4 and ARL v39 without complaining, but this is fucking frustrating. Is it much better on city maps (haven't gotten any yet)? I don't know how I should play it, since I lack penetration, I lack gun depresion, I lack any sort of mobility, and although it looks armoured on paper, I found out it's not stelar in that department either. Should I play it as support? Or should I stay and protect arty? EDIT: Just was in a battle where I failed to hit a T34's cupola from 82 metres...twice in a row. I appologise for making this thread on this forum...
  5. Have problems with ping myself. The thing is, it's not my ISP who is directly fucking my ping, but it's the servers (server nodes) that my ISP uses to connect to WoT that's to blame. Ping plotter shows 2 such servers, having huge ass packet loss. Now what's really unlucky for me, is that these 2 servers with packet loss, are the ones that my ISP uses to connect to german servers. That's why I don't have trouble with my ping on other sites/other online games. My ISP is a small one (covering 1 small town and rural areas arround it), and it's pretty much the only viable option in my case.
  6. Basic XVM is being worked on, and they said that it will work, and it won't need xvm-stat.exe or docan anymore. http://www.koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/6513-about-xvm-500-for-world-of-tanks-088/
  7. Belizarius


    My main concern is the gun's penetration. Even though it shares it's top gun with the other tier 7 (IS), it feels worse on teh KV-3, than on the IS.
  8. Belizarius


    I got it, with upgraded turret and the 122mm IS gun. Not working to well. Perhaps the map rotation putting me in Severogorsk all the time has something to do with it, didn't get a city map with it yet... Any advices are welcomed.
  9. Saw an [EFE] dude some days ago, on Live Oaks. The second he spawned he wrote something along the lines of: fucking retards tomato team (not exact quote, but close). Now I have XVM, and I could see that the enemy team was worse than our team, yet this cunt kept complaining about our team. We won 15-8.
  10. If that was the case, this would be "pay2win" game
  11. Hello. I want to buy the equipment that increses carry weight by 10% + increases durabilty, for the T95, american tier 9 TD. I don't have it yet, am currently at T28. My problem is that according to WoT Wiki, the compatible equipment is called Enhanced horizontal coil springs 3 class, and in the game store I can only find Enhanced vertical coil springs 3 class (compatible with T28), and Enhanced coil springs class 3. Can anyone tell me where can I find it? Thanks.
  12. Hello, my name is Beli, and I'm a rageaholic. Nice to meet you all
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