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  1. Errm, am I reading that right? You are not plugging the monitor into the graphics card? Then it's not going to work. The situation you describe with the onboard working when a graphics card is present is unusual. Mostly they disable automatically. Use the DVI-I to VGA adapter for now, the fact that the card came with one is proof enough that the DVI port gives out the VGA signal you need in order to use it. Then buy a DVI cable.
  2. The formula for working out how much extra actual performance bonus you get from the 5% extra skills over 100% was worked out using reload times. It's fairly safe to assume that if a 5% crew skill bonus gives a 2.33% reduction in reload time then it gives the same increase in view range. And testing seems to confirm this. This was all done long long ago so don't ask for links.
  3. And then there can be WoT physics. At least the current incarnation doesn't allow you full speed up hill as long as you go backwards like the previous one did.
  4. When it is slow can you check the modem and see what speed it is actually connected at?
  5. Failed at maths. Thought 1:35 was more than 100 seconds, realised too late. Draw!, KV-1S, Tundra, 07/01/14 15:55: 2,256 XP, 3,532 dmg
  6. It's a possible idea for HEAT but IMO HEAT doesn't need any more nerfing, it's already something you have to think hard about before using. But since high tier meds have APCR as standard ammo, why should a premium APCR round behave differently to a standard ammo APCR round?
  7. FTR is not the source, WG are the source. FTR merely translates information which is freely handed out to the RU playerbase. As such the only thing relevant is his ability to read Russian.
  8. I don't understand, what is the problem with people using premium rounds when they don't need them? They would hurt you just as much with standard ammo so the only one losing out is the one shooting. And if they are using it when they do need to then, umm, well, that's what it is for isn't it? And how do you set a cap on premium rounds, other than doing it tank by tank which will lead to endless arguments I don't see a way. As you mention, the E100 is really only viable with a good stock of HEAT. Even if you set it to 2 shells per tank, that's about all your average baddie in a K
  9. Packet loss causing a client/server desynch. Seen it happen before but rarely. Worst one was a player who lost sight of several of his own team who were within 200m of him.
  10. It's a mission reward and works like any other mission reward. You get it as soon as you complete all the parts of the mission, or if they messed up then the battle after.
  11. 13 in garage, 2 researched, though I did get the IS-4 for free because I had it when it was good at tier 9.
  12. IS-3 without the spaced armour. From an Android app called World of Tanks Knowledge Base.
  13. I don't know what Dragon Ball Z is. To be fair I don't know what being an adult is either but.... My son was into Ben 10 for a while, sounds like the same thing, same story every week, hero could have won it in 2 minutes but had to do something stupid, yadd yadda. Thing is my son got bored of it long before I did. And I think it was mostly peer pressure in his case. I think the point you have got to is where you've decided you are an adult so kids stuff shouldn't interest you so you concentrate on the part of it you don't like in order to prove yourself right.
  14. With the damage announcer mod telling noobs what they have been shot with being in vogue you can lull some players into a false sense of security with a HE shell then follow it up with AP or premium. Besides the high calibre HE can be surprisingly effective.
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