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  1. Use the derp gun, great fun and you can usually one shot same tier scouts.
  2. Try this mod if you're a Trek fan http://www.moddb.com/mods/star-trek-armada-3
  3. Ok thanks. Full speed ahead then.
  4. Only 150k xp to go... Anyone know when this is happening? IE, how long do I have to finish this grind?
  5. Totally agree. I think prem time should be in hours/mins and only tick down when you are logged in. I'd be more likely to buy it. I mean, who is going to get a day of premium then actually play 24 hours straight?
  6. Thanks Antikondor. Used that link to track down the cause, was getting ultra high ping times to anyway on the net. Factory reset of my router fixed it. Lesson learned - you can't rely solely on speedtest.net results for troubleshooting.
  7. Anyone know the FQDNs or IP addresses for the WOT EU servers? I'd like to test pingpath/tracert etc
  8. Hi all, MODS - I wasn't sure where to post this so please move if required. Basically I've been having problems since 8.9.2 update came out. My ping used to be a steady 60 - 80ms but since this update it's been about 130 - 140ms. That, I can handle. However I have also been getting big ping spikes that lead to my tank being uncontrollable for a short time, like 5 - 20 seconds. The tank either stays in the same place or carries on moving in the direction I was travelling in when the spike happened. When the problem occurs the sounds work, ie my tank will rev when I press forward or
  9. I tried that once. The graphics are amazing, but the gameplay sucks.
  10. Head over to the vehicle section. In the American bit there is a massive thread on the T49. Read the whole thing.
  11. http://news.sky.com/story/1248305/call-of-duty-rivals-home-stormed-by-swat-team
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