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  1. So I have not played in nearly a year but I am thinking of picking up where I left off & making some live videos of my experiences, call it a warts 'n' all docu drama. But would anyone watch it?

  2. A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. Bartender says,
  3. Shit has it really been this long, early a year since I did any tank vids!! My life got so busy so many games to play so little time! Should I resurrect this little series or leave it to die.
  4. I visited Florida last year did the whole Disney thing with the kids in August & stayed >>here<< It was not the heat that got me it was the humidity that was the bitch I felt like a sponge at bath time. The other thing that got me was the food if you did not like steak or your food grilled you would starve. Overall really enjoyed my stay there especially Kennedy the people were really friendly apart from one lady who had a real Southern accent she pushed my wife out of a queue but she fell foul of my mother in-law who is from the Welsh Valleys, I bet she is still talking abo
  5. Yes it is what the EU portal says.
  6. Well that sucks & it is not what it says on the Refer a friend topic on the Portal.
  7. Hmm see although I have logged in & kept my client up to date I have not actually fought any battles for ages but looking at Noobmeter it looks like I fought 1 battle on the 16th of October. So it looks as though I am classed as active.
  8. So I thought I would start playing again after only playing a handful of games in the last year, I asked a friend if he would like to invite me under the recruitment program as I thought I qualified this way he could get the free tank. When he did this it said I was still active now I can't remember when I last played a battle but I was wondering if there is a way I can actually find out & double check? Cheers Bullitt
  9. It amazing what you can do with a Galaxy S4, a few apps & a little know how.
  10. Here is a couple from our Christmas Crackers. Q. Why do skeletons like to drink milk. A. Because it is good for their bones Q. Why don't skeletons like to fight. A. Because they don have the guts.
  11. So I know it is a little late but as I have only just returned from my Christmas holidays in the Wilds of Wales, where the sheep are many but the internet is sketchy and this is the first chance I have had to post. My 7 year old son was getting a little over excited so to keep him in-line I made him a little festive video & although it did the trick in calming him down I did get in a bit of trouble with the Wife. Happy New Year to one and all.
  12. Q. What is red & bad for your teeth? A. A brick.
  13. So another week has gone by & not a single game played. I like watching it You Tube I like watching replays I keep my client up to date but I just can't bring myself to play. Is it he horror of Pubs that has given me Post traumatic stress I simply don't know.

    1. gan


      Start platooning, that makes the experience less worse and more fun.

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