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  1. I am indeed the infamous shitter ;-) I will never be purple and hope like fuck to never ever stoop to red again but feeling like the red headed stop child, it is my salty duty to create entertainment in my stream. Being stuck between less experienced players who seem to have no RNG to purples who play hard around the same players creates a salt vortex I must fill. If I had some of you smiling or giggling, awesome, I like to introduce myself as your comic relief Not sure about that Bulba guybut Crab is a fuckin good player
  2. Your glitches may be tied to the preferences.xml which may be corrupt and can be found in: AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks Once deleted, you will need to set your game preferences once again but it will kill that annoying glitch which can escalate. I wrote about it in this post
  3. Addicted to mods, specifically Roughnecks. The information it provides on the mini map is invaluable including spotting and draw range.
  4. Fresh cup of Tea: check T49: check 45 Minutes or so / 250k: check
  5. Has there been any progress with the xvm-mod crew to replace the current WN6 with WN8? I read through the previous posts to see this subject was mentioned but nothing more.
  6. x4, x8, x16, x24 I had x32 up until a couple days ago and found the aiming was too sensitive for my shaky hands at that zoom. Replaced it with x24 and all is good. My eyesight is not all that great and the fact that I can see past the leaves to my intended target has made a big difference when playing TD's or sniping in general. I am not sure of the zoom limit but X32 does work. The tank is in your face at this level.
  7. Kraft, do not accept the norm or deny the possible, it is never too late, see below
  8. It is said one must be in touch with their feminine side to companion with cats. How does Ziddy handle this aspect of his life?
  9. Euchre, you have written word for word what I have been trying to compile the past few days. I honestly felt that I was alone dealing with the inner WN7 demons. I placed so much emphasis on WN7 and padding to keep it up there, I forgot to enjoy the game and have some fun. Sometimes a slap in the face is required for one to wake up and realize what has been going on. The comments from our peers are clear and concise and what I needed to read. I spent Monday playing the t49 to "fix" my stats and for who, those here? The clan? Players in general? In my case, yes to all of those. You and
  10. http://blogdramedy.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/its-enough-to-make-you-cancel-your-reservation/
  11. Where da hell did I put my tinfoil hat...
  12. Racing out with the T-49 for that last kill... where the fuck did I get one shot from... or But the PT-A is a medium, you don't play it like a TD... shit, dead again
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