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  1. AngryBanana

    GTA 5 PC

    WHAAAAAAAT? GTA:SA is awesome...
  2. AngryBanana

    GTA 5 PC

    crisis averted, seems I'll make it in time. praise
  3. AngryBanana

    GTA 5 PC

    I put off pre-loading for too long and unless steam stops bottlenecking the download I won't make it in time anymore to play tonight It's not even letting me use a quarter of my max down speed.
  4. Sounds good, I was dreading a skill based MM that would force 50% wr to everyone, this seems to be more of a placebo than anything else for most matches, though it will probably prevent the rare full purple vs full red teams.
  5. I got mine by giving SS 5€ two years ago, best 5€ ever spent Can't wait for cbt to start!
  6. About the MM, I found this post by the same guy as in the video: This was the poll: http://aw.my.com/en/forum/showthread.php?5858-No-skill-based-MM-poll-%28READ-BEFORE-VOTE%29&p=93145&viewfull=1#post93145 This does worry me a bit because I can easily see it meaning that if you are any good the MM will always give you a team full of idiots to compensate, but we'll see in time.
  7. this mod is easily the best crew voice mod there is, and it still works in 9,4 so it needs a bump
  8. Most say E100 absolutely needs gold, yet I dont see anyone here mentioning changing that, do you really think a tank that needs gold is balanced?
  9. Pfffft filthy casual, i watched every match
  10. Nigel de jong is playing so two things will happen, we go to the next round and messi will be injured.
  11. really? All that went wrong was that we didnt score our chances but we completely dominated the whole match, vs chile australia and mexico we were worse IMO.
  12. about the same in holland, just looked it up and 18% of males here are 188cm or taller
  13. I guess that he did manage to let brasil win, so he did his job?
  14. 193cm and only about 70kg, which apparantly is 6'4 and 154 lbs for those who cannot into superior units. So yeah, im skinny and tall
  15. never liked QB much but this is not acceptable
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