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  1. This one more than the others. AP shell velocity here is worse than on any other T8 med except of pref-mm Chinese derps. Mobility-wise it seems outclassed too. Looking at the YT videos it seems that only turret should work, but once you get penned by ACPR into the turret anyway, I feel like it's the worst new tank. I do have a tingle to get all meds in the game, but might skip this one (as I did with the Bulldozer and STG which don't suit me). Unless I decide it's ok to have ACPR-only tank. Edit - OK, you also do get the alpha, but I don't think it makes it better than the other low-pen high-armoured turret tank - T-54 1st Prototype.
  2. Paris: I recently saw a video from Taugrim playing a med in this area from the East spawn:
  3. Going from the most likely causes to the wtf ones. Who's using the WiFi network besides you? Maybe someone is intentionally/unintentionally doing something that dcs you, like trying to connect to the network pretending to be your PC. Try running Wifi analyzer: https://www.microsoft.com/pl-pl/store/apps/wifi-analyzer/9nblggh33n0n Maybe there are many networks operating on the same channel in your area and you can switch the router to another one. Sadly there are only 3 channels that don't interfere with each other, so it's really hard to find a completely free one, but if your network overlaps with another strong network, it might help to switch so it overlaps with a weaker network only. You aren't running any special software to connect with the WiFi besides Windows 10 stuff? You might also try to remove all windows saved wireless networks and adding your network from scratch. Sometimes Windows does stupid stuff when autoconnecting. You can try moving the card to another slot on your motherboard and reinstalling the drivers - removing them and installing again, but it shouldn't really be the issue here. Also try to wiggle the antenna on the router or on your PC that they are both vertical (or at a simmilar angle), maybe the signal strength will increase. If there is much interference, one more thing can be tried - if you can manage the router, you could try to set both your network card it to a lower speed like 11 Mbps to see if it's stable at that speed. It might be slower than your internet connection that way, but I remember having issues with WiFi connectivity when the PC was too far from the router and was switching all the time between 11 and 54 Mbps. I remember having a simmilar issue when one of my phones was connecting to the WiFi - then one of my computers got disconnected. I have no idea why it was like that, maybe my ISP at that time has restricted the number of connected devices or the phone was broken and causing problems in my network, dunno, I stopped connecting it to the network and now I have a different one. v0v Finally - maybe the card broke Unlikely though, I'd look for problems with drivers or windows configuration first. Random people with simmilar issues: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/b7aa4c64-5103-45be-83cf-7c5e773f6209/wifi-keeps-disconnecting-after-upgrading-to-windows-10?forum=win10itprogeneral Stuff that looks legit - conflicting network managers, home network set as public in the system, power settings (you should set your wireless card to max performance in the power setttings). Edit: 1 more thing. Have you added recently any new hardware to the PC? Even stuff like a mouse can cause problems, especially if the network drivers are from 2010.
  4. A-32 is easy to improve. It has several horrible flaws and reducing some of them will make the tank more fun to play and give better performance. it looses a lot of speed when turning bad gun accuracy bad gun handling bad penetration i think the shell is slow, don't remember though
  5. 2NE1's "nega che chalaga" after killing a tank, "molla" after ricosheting, "Oppa oppa I'll be I'll be Down Down Down Down" sung by SNSD after getting killed. Awww man that would be great. Still, listening to kpop while driving M46 KR is fine too.
  6. All right, I use the rock with my faster tanks Thanks, gonna check it with slower too. I watched some replays and I have some ideas. Cleaning the east and defending from there could also work if attackers loose enough tanks on that flank.
  7. The thing with D2 is that a Panther II or SPershing are kinda slow in getting there and I manage to get there only if I'm spawned on the west side, otherwise some spotter drivers down the road under me and I don't have the depression to shoot him. I don't get where is the E2 rock - it seems almost on the edge of the castle? Do you mean to drive to the edge of first castle buildings so snipers from the G2 position can't hit me? Usually we're not able to defend the C2 area, so I doubt that D2 is easier, but I'm gonna try it today (I'm running assault enabled and skirmish disabled, so Erlenberg is like every 5th game for me). Gonna check that A4 ditch too. About EU - I cry a little every time I see the defender's heavies run away from the west side to sit in some forest on east side as soon as the battle starts. Thanks for answers guys, I actually ran out of rep to +1 any more posts today
  8. If only they hired someone from Kpop girl groups instead of a man...
  9. I become more and more clueless when in Erlenberg defence in something like Super Pershing, Panther II or a TD. In fast mediums or lights I usually go to the nearest hill on the side I was spawned and try to spot enemy heavies before they're in position to get some early damage and stop the scouts until my team arrives. In slower stuff it's not really possible and the game goes as follows: West side gets massively rolfstomped by attackers rush. East side is usually won by defenders Some defenders camp around the cap circle or in A0, some try to push the south bridge to kill arty but it's tough Attackers camp the the castle and west hills raining fire on evertyhing that gets exposed around the river. Attackers push the north bridge once the defenders spread or get killed by being stupid. So I don't really know what's the best position to defend the west: if I get close to the big hill in C2 to peek around the corner, I'm usually overwhelmed by 2-3 tanks + some sniper in the back. Sniping from the middle city sometimes works - from E6 i can shoot the attackers in the northwest, but doesn't work if there is at least someone who flanks you from H6 - and once you get spotted and flanked, you can't retreat through the open. I can help push east side but then it becomes a waiting game, who will rush to the bridges and get killed first. Attackers have very good defending positions in the castle. I don't think you can decap from the hill in D9 due to shitty building setup.
  10. GTD

    M46 Patton KR

    This thing can sometimes bounce stuff with the mantlet, even though it's weaker than Pershing's. Managed to bounce a few rounds of an IS-3 today. I think it will be a good learning tank for me, T10 are faster, have more accurate guns or better turrets, but the KR is so average in every aspect that getting good with it should help me get better with every other T10 medium.
  11. Unfortunately: you do that with free exp... save up some or convert some from elited tanks and use it at least for stuff like tracks. Never ever spend free exp to research a tank unless you hate it so much, that you are willing to play the next ones with stock stuff for several battles I just started to re-think my grinding style, as I'm pushing way too many trees at once and I need to focus on 2-3 tanks again. One of my worst grinds was ARL V39, but I actually managed to learn how to play it mostly by reading this forum, and a little of the official forum. Seems that I hated the grind because I had no idea what are the strenghts of the tank and how to avoid exposing weakneses. I went through some different tanks that I hated too, and I just kept pushing without looking at my stats, loaded more gold, rushed more to get over with it. I think seeing some replays before playing would help me though, especially when fighting higher tiers than my tank or using clever opening tactics. If you can grind an parallel tree in the same nation, it can help you a little with the stock problem - some modules are shared, so you can grind the needed module in the more enjoyable tree. I don't know about E-100, but if you don't like the gameplay style of T-34 line, maybe Object 140 is not a good choice. However, If you are motivated to get it, the motivation should help you survive lower tiers.
  12. I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Cromwell B and Rudy don't and all new premiums don't have pref mm anymore.
  13. I often get caught with my pants down when I'm reversing after shooting. Slow reverse speed is a small drawback of this tank.
  14. I've been wondering - how does this tank feel? I generally don't like the Chinese IS-2 and Soviet IS, as they are very punishing if I derp a shot, but I'm only aspiring to be a good player. Is the IS-2 any different than the top configuration of IS gameplay-wise besides increased crew XP and better earnings?
  15. I YOLO way to much - 16% survival rate, but I'm starting to realise what could I have done instead of putting myself in a "almost certain death situation". It's tempting to shoot 3 times at the enemy spearhead and sometimes it's possible without getting shot back at (if enemies are idiots or your team moves with you), but more often than not, it's wiser to shoot once, retreat, and play like the game has just re-started. I mostly die in situations that don't mean certain death, but are risky, and every few times I get punished.\ Some time ago I realised I played better with guns that take longer to reload, because I had to move after every shot to get hidden or to surprise enemy with next shot angle, than with fast reloading guns where I sat still and tried to pump the damage (and got shot).
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