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  1. My opinion on animefags is similar to my opinion on gay pride goers, i really dont care what they do in their free time but please fuck off with the prancing in the streets.
  2. Who in their right mind would reroll a 20k+ purple account, those are the players most focus because of xvm (purple wn, purple battle count, purple wr, commbo for maximum focus)? Besides, for 99% of the server, stats would stay more or less relevant, its not like majority of the playerbase fluctuates drastically in their skill.
  3. Xvm doesnt pull data from wg during the game. Xvm has its own database and all stats will stay there forever. This will do nothing for purples unless this comes together wit xvm mod ban.
  4. How come Africa has no WMD, you know where they kill people all the time for decades now?
  5. Sorry, once information got so easily obtainable ti became impossible to hide the real intentions.
  6. Metallica is just for amusement. As for the fact part, nope, not a joke, but that shouldn't be anything new. The veil of lies and fals intentions has fallen long time ago
  7. That is not even a theory now, it is a known fact. ... Doesn’t matter what you see Or into it what you read You can do it your own way If it’s done just how I say Independence limited Freedom of choice Choice is made for you, my friend Freedom of speech Speech is words that they will bend Freedom with their exception ... the song is appropriately named Eye of Beholder.
  8. You missed the point of my post. Freedoms of minorities, actually for all citizens, are taken away in both capitalism and comunism just in a different way. Democracy is a joke because people are not even capable of making the right decisions for their own good on a daily basis and yet the same people decide what is "good" for the entire country. The number of smart and capable people is overshadowed by the mediocrity of general populus whoos voting preferences are decided on, basically, adds and comercials. Here in Croatia, an parliamentary election was held just f
  9. Sorry, i had to stop grinning about what you said. It doesnt, however i fail to see why would you overthrow a government chosen by people just because it doesn't fit your ideology? Holier than thou? Also since when is guerrilla warfare and insurgency a way to change government in a democratic state? I thought its done via elections. Nope, whats wrong is that they were there to overthrow anyone who wouldn't slide with capitalism/west. Thats not the same as totalitarianism. We are talking about stay behind forces that stayed AFTER the dissolution
  10. Come again? Ahahahahhahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahhahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahhahhhahahah Hey everybody we live in a world where majority doesnt deprive the minority of their freedoms and rights, and its all thanks to democracy, where the majority decides for everyone. Including the minorities. Hhahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahhahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahh
  11. Even if that government won democratic elections? Also, should NATO puppet governments be treated the same way?
  12. I think the part where they would destabilise and destroy government if that government would lean towards comunist/socialist ideals is what makes those stay-behinds so interesting.
  13. AW got overhyped. People are starting to realise its just a rough wot reskin. Still fun to play, but its not the wot killer everyone was expecting it to be.
  14. I love how NATO spokesmen explains the stay-behind army in Austria without the knowledge of the government ""The aim was noble, the aim was correct, to try to help Austria if it was under occupation. What went wrong is that successive Washington administrations simply decided not to talk to the Austrian government about it." Smooth as fuck NATO, smooth as fuck.
  15. IMHO the fixes are easy: increase map size nerf ERA, mechanics are fine but ERA blocks should detonate from AP fire and also from concentrated auto cannon fire nerf APDS (not sure how) im all for MBT's being king of firepower and armor, im also ok with MBT's turret traverses (circling modern MBT's should be a nono), however, currently they are just to good for the tiny spaces we play in.
  16. right, you just label Russia as a problem because they really area threat in the world. Its done via trading and diplomacy, to help rebuild economy and social structure. Russia was basicly shut off from the rest of the world and forced to do everything alone. ERGO Putin spawned. Im sorry,, i find it hypocritical when USA decides who can push or get pushed in the world. As of now, Russia took a good long look at USA neo-imperialism and improved it by, more or less, legitimate political background, or at least by securing their own doorstep in comparison with USA whos last war w
  17. Wow, just wow. After soviet colapse there was not a single helping hand from the west to help rebuild Russia and other fractioned states. Instead economical and military pressure was used hoping and believing that USA will be unchecked power that could exploit everything and anyone for their gains. Not only that, the social brainwashing continued labeling Russians as satan spawns basically. West is de-facto the reason Putin exists and you think the best way to set russia straight is to do all that shit all over again? Another muscle flexing cold war? More economic and
  18. Srsly, you rate Putin as more dangerous than terrorism?
  19. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/isis-conflict-us-urges-turkey-close-its-border-syria-1531062 Wow much reaction time Such urgency Many security in NATO
  20. http://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-urges-turkey-to-seal-syria-border-1448674401 Uuuuu, will turkey obey US masters or will they act all innocent and clueless and continue to aid isis?
  21. Can EU peeps mock you for celebrating genocide? Pretty please with sugar on top? Nah... just kidding, enjoy your face stuffing and weird relatives.
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