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  1. How other members of NATO reacted to SU-24 event clearly shows that NATO doesnt stand behind what Turkey did. Only USA had to act all cool and supportive because its important that 'muricans suddenly dont get to confused as to why Russia is not their enemy no.1 any more (the brainwasing must be stronk). France, Germany, UK and others clearly dont support Turkey and its government but they are forced to share the NATO deal. EU voiced their dissatisfaction and concern over Erdogans actions many many times so far, i would be really surprised if they showed any support for Turkey.
  2. Im sure Florb will find a way to make Erdogan likeable and trustworthy. Its not like he is a radical corupt anti-semite who changed how much power government has over the jurisdiction and also faked the elections and imprisoned political opponents. But noooo NATO and all its members are a moral and lawful pillars of the modern world.
  3. So Florb, i guess you are all for downing Turkey's planes when they violate Syrian or Greek airspace on a regular basis? No? Im certain Putin is lying but given the track record of lying AND manipulating media NATO has been doing over the last few decades, i find the amount of hypocrisy hilarious.
  4. At least Ru actions in Syria are not based on a lie.
  5. Thats what you get when you make a game oriented towards even bigger windowlickers than WOT. And yeah, if the game is being payed, there will be no wipes or resets, calling it nothing but LIVE version is pointless. Probably obsidian will try to pull the same crap like gajin did, "herp derp, 3-4 years in beta, guess we can fuck with things all we want."
  6. To bad last visitors to that area went there to steal and not invest and build...
  7. Liberalization and extremists? Yeah right!They only know the ways of fear and nothing else will ever make them to stop other than total annihilation. If you are jumped by a crazed 2m 150kg thug in an dark alley and he asks for your wallet, will you try liberalize him or will you opt for other two solutions: gun or run? As for Putin, yeah, thats kinda NATO's fail. They pushed Ru so much tahat now they cant back down. NATO poked the bear way to much for their comfort.
  8. Maybe they knew how bat shit crazy some of their people are and decided to contain the shit. Yeah it was crap for someone, but now its crap for everyone. You will notice that the refugees dint start until shit dint get worse for them quite recently. You will also notice most of the people will not leave their country unless their lives are in constant danger. people are more or less inert to the point of breaking. Unless you expect to have mass exodus from pretty much everywhere but the west your logic is flawed.
  9. Zinn delivers. I would just like to add that huge contribution to shit we have now is how west perceived their views as "the only right way" and decided to spread them more or less forcefully. That is nothing better than ye' old crusaders did some centuries ago. We can considered ourselves lucky that almost exclusively islam creates extremists otherwise we would have people blowing shit up from all corners of the world. In retrospect Sadam, Gadafi and all others that were removed by west for "benefit of the people" now seem like fluffy unicorns compared to scum that is comming
  10. Like i said, as more time passes the OB/AW will look more and more like WG/WOT.
  11. I wonder for how long will they butcher the gamu under "its beta" mantra. Beta my ass.
  12. T-90 -10 depression Abrams -5 depression Mkay
  13. imho best bet would be a completely new game. It would be more realistic than AW and less than Steelbeasts.
  14. The idea is great, but your idea has slim to none chances of being implemented in AW, it offers less profit for my.com.
  15. The amount of hate that ru tanks are getting really makes me think that devs are some angry wot kids who couldnt dominate in their Tigers
  16. How the hell is bmpt-72 an upgrade over existing ramka?
  17. Which is strange considering 50M is lower than 50, so it should have a better slope.
  18. I guess the cheese armor and very uncomfortable gun/depression and lowest HP... No?
  19. That time when political discussions were not yet banned and you could bait certain posters in full on brainwashed-sheep-mentality-sperging, Purples going full tomato on nationalism. It ended in this thread and my first RO time out http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/7856-garbads-nightmare/
  20. To bad there are no stats, so no stet peding
  21. im playing tier 6 now and im seeing the trend in all tiers i face up to tier 8. The only tanks that are kinda not forced in coridor fighting are the tiny AFV like VBL or Fox that are hard to hit partially do to anoying shot delay and partially because they are really really quick and tiny. The obvious solution is to make maps much larger but devs are not idiots, they create the game for the majority who would rather just plink hatches all day than actually maneuver.
  22. Name one tank game with more balance than WOT.
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